CYOA : The Tale of a Plegian Dark Mage Part Two

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3 years ago#431
Uh, A? Although I feel we are neglecting our two 2nd Generation teammates...
If life is suffering, then does death bring peace?
3 years ago#432
3 years ago#433
After being gone for a while, I have finally returned for some more. After counting up all the votes, "A" has won for sure.

As soon as you told Chris and Inigo to stay together and fight as one, You immediately paired up with Chris because you simply thought he would need the support a lot more than Inigo since he was a hero to begin with while Chris is a Warrior. Right after you paired up with Chris, the two of you would start wreaking havoc to anyone who got close to you, Chris and of course Inigo.

While You, Chris and Inigo were creating chaos out there in the arena, You would suddenly hear your group cheering for the three of you out there but the ones who are mostly cheering for you three the most is Your wife Sophia, Trish and Servera.

Sophia: GO (insert your name here) ! DON'T GIVE UP !



After Inigo, You and Chris had heard the three girls cheer for you, The three of you would smile for a moment and continue on fighting the others for a good three hours straight until suddenly there were only six left in the arena. Two of them were Chrom and Robin. Since there were six people left in the arena, Basilio would immediately stop the match and inform the six and the crowd of people that these six people had made it to the finals and that they will be doing one versus one from now. As soon as Chris had heard that they will be now doing one versus one, He would turn to you for one moment and then towards Inigo and begins hoping that he does not have to fight his friends the next round.

Seconds after Basilio had explained mostly everything, Flavia would now step in and ask the remaining six their names before she completely pairs you up with your next opponent. This would simply take a good thirty seconds but once it has been done, Flavia would inform the six the pairings that are now set into stone.

Flavia: From now on this is now the pairings for this Round. The third pairing will get freebee and will proceed into the final round.

Chrom Vs Inigo
Chris Vs Ron
(Insert your name here) Vs Robin

After Flavia's response, Chris lets out a sighing relief since he didn't want to fight any of his friends to begin with. As for Inigo, he would immediately look straight at his dad even though he is not aware of it yet and give out a smirk before responding to himself.

Inigo: (In thought) At long last, I can finally prove myself to Dad that I am a great fighter in front of him. Won't be much longer now....

Right after Inigo's response, You would look at Robin for a moment while Robin would do the same. You would have the feeling that this will not be a very easy round since you saw what he can do in the first strange dream you had. Seconds later, Basilio would inform the last two pairings that they should leave the arena since it is now Chrom and Inigo's turn to fight. You sigh for a moment and look at Inigo before telling him good luck. Chris would simply do the same thing but pat him on the back and as a response towards all of this, Inigo would tell you guys thanks before turning his attention towards his dad who is now pulling out his legendary Falchion.

(Your now in Inigo's point of view for just this fight. What should he do ?)

A. Use a Strength Tonic before going into a battle position.
B. Use a Speed Tonic before going into a battle position.
C. Don't use any of Tonics at all and just go into a battle position.
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#434
B. it's better to get a speed advantage so that Inigo can double Chrom.
If life is suffering, then does death bring peace?
3 years ago#435
B. we don't need a tonic. We simply choose to use one.
Those are brave men out there. Let's go kill them!
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3 years ago#436
B. Speed is always nice.
3 years ago#437
Etherealist posted...
"Want me to draw my sword and use some burst artes?"
3 years ago#438
Looks like "B" has won this round for sure.

Right after other 4 contestants had left the arena, Inigo would suddenly pull out a speed tonic and immediately use it right off the bat to gain a massive surge of speed since he was up against his own father. After gaining the speed bonus, Inigo would get into a battling position and wait until the round has started while Chrom simply did the same thing.

Seconds later, Basilio and Flavia would inform the two that the match has now begun and Chrom would get a headstart when he starts charging straight towards Inigo with the Falchion in his hands. As soon as Chrom got close, Inigo would immediately clash swords with his own father with a smirk but Chrom would wonder why he was smirking at him instead of having a serious face like all the other fighters he went up against in the arena. Chrom also ends up giving a response while still hitting swords with Inigo, his future son that he doesn't know about yet.

Chrom:*Appears to be quite serious, yet determined.* Your not like the other people I had fought here, May I ask your name ?

Inigo: *Still appears to be smirking even though Chrom doesn't know that he has a son yet.* My name is Inigo sir.

Chrom: *Starts to smirk as well at Inigo* Inigo huh ? That's a really interesting name right there. Lets see what you can do.

Inigo: *Now appears to be exicted.* Yes sir !

Right after Inigo's response, he immediately does a backflip to dodge the last swipe of Chrom's Falchion and attempts to go for a direct hit. Appearently that hit would miss and it would end up hitting Chrom's weapon once more. It doesn't take long until Chrom would respond once again.

Chrom:*Starts getting even more serious while still clashing swords.* Now this is really getting interesting, Who had taught you how to fight like that ?

Inigo: *Frowns for a moment.* I am afraid I cannot tell you that sir, it is for her and my own sake.

Chrom:*Understands how he feels while hitting Inigo's sword several more times for an opening.* Well alright then.

Right after Chroms response, Inigo and Chrom would hear the Crowd roar from them including the people who were cheering them. Even You and Chris was cheering for Inigo even though it wasn't their turn yet to fight. After Inigo had heard the constant cheering, he would smile for a bit but then suddenly noticed the masked Marth watching from a distance with Basilio. Inigo also knew who it was too but as soon as he saw him, He became aware that Marth wanted to fight Chrom too. What should Inigo do at this point ?

A. Immediately surrender to Chrom since Marth was watching him. (This will end the fight but we will now go towards Chris's point of view this time.)

B. Continue with the fight and show both Chrom and Marth that your quite good.
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#439
B. I don't think Inigo would want to surrender just yet.
3 years ago#440
Etherealist posted...
"Want me to draw my sword and use some burst artes?"
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