CYOA : The Tale of a Plegian Dark Mage Part Two

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3 years ago#442
3 years ago#443
B. of course, Inigo got to show off to the ladies or else he'll be labeled a coward.
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3 years ago#444
I am now back. "B" wins.

Right after Inigo had seen the masked Marth for a moment while hitting swords against his own father, He would smirk and began to think to himself for a moment.

Inigo:*Appears to be smirking while still hitting swords with Chrom and into some deep thought* So you want to fight him too huh sis ? Well guess what, your going to have to wait your turn because its my turn to shine plus I don't want the ladies think I'm a coward if I surrendered right now in front of out dad.

Seconds after Inigo had thought to himself for a moment, Chrom would try to pull a heavy hit towards Inigo but he would end up missing it when Inigo would preform a backflip to dodge the attack. Right after that swift dodge, Chrom would instantly pull out a critical hit with his Falchion that would just simply knock Inigo's steel sword off his hands instead of taking any serious damage.

Chrom: *Points the Falchion at Inigo.* You had fought well Inigo but I'm afraid that I had won this. Everyone is also counting on me to win and I will not lent them down.

Inigo: *Sweats for a second since the Falchion is now pointed towards him but ends up sighing since he knows that he has been defeated right after the sword was knocked off his hands.* I guess you did sir. I know defeat when I see it for myself.

Right after the response that Inigo had made, The crowd roars for excitement while everyone in the group besides would be quite surprised but in your point of view, you expected this to happen since you know quite well that you will be fighting Chrom in your dreams. Seconds later, Basilio and Flavia would now step in and tell the crowd that the winner of this round is Chrom and that he will be proceeding into the next round. They also mentioned that it was now Chris and Ron turn to duke it all out.

As soon as Chris heard his name being called out he would let out a smirk for a moment and then look straight at you for a moment with a response.

Chris:*Lets out a smirk*Wish me luck (insert your name here).

You:*Looks straight towards Chris and smirks back* Will do Chris.

After your response, Chris would immediately head straight towards the middle of the arena while Inigo would head straight towards him with his now retrieved steel sword. As soon as they got close to one another, Chris will give out another response.

Chris:*Lets out a smile* You did great out there Inigo, I'm going to have to watch out for you from now on.

Inigo:*Lets out a chuckle then finally responds* Ha Ha yeah. Thanks Chris, that really means quite a lot to me. Good Luck out there !

Chris:*Smirks again* Thanks, means quite a lot to me.

Right after Chris's response, Inigo would finally leave the arena to join up with you while Chris would head towards the middle of the arena to confront Ron, who was just a mere Knight.

(Your now in Chris's point of view, what should he do before the match begins ?)

A. Use a strength tonic before drawing out the weapon and wait for the signal to start.

B. Use a Defense tonic before drawing out the weapon and wait for the signal to start.

C. Use no tonics and just draw out the weapon since Chris is a warrior and Ron is a Knight.
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#445
A. We need to crack that Knight's armor open.
Etherealist posted...
"Want me to draw my sword and use some burst artes?"
3 years ago#446
A. Strength Tonic for the win.
3 years ago#447
3 years ago#448
A. Chris needs to take that guy down fast.
If life is suffering, then does death bring peace?
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3 years ago#449
I am now back once again. Sorry about not being quite active yesterday, I really had a extremely busy day. From the looks of things All of you had went "A".

Since Chris was up against a Knight, he simply pulled out the strength tonic and used it right away because knights have great defense to begin with. Shortly after using the Strength tonic, Chris would now pull out his Steel axe and go straight into a battle position while Ron would simply do the same when he pulls out his Iron lance.

As soon as both fighters are in battle position, Basilio would inform the two that this round has now begun. Right after Basilio gave the cue to start, Chris, would immediately start charging towards Ron with brute force and start hacking away like a madman while Ron would quickly pull out his shield to deflect the attacks.

Even though Ron is still guarding himself by using just the shield alone, Chris still remained hacking away by simply using the Steel axe. Eventually all this hacking would make Ron's shield crack a little bit which surprises Ron by a lot while Chris begins to smirk with a response.

Chris:*Smirks for a moment while he's still taking his steel axe and chop away towards Ron's Shield* Heh it wont be much longer until I win this !

Ron:*Appears to be highly surprised that he cannot keep up while still guarding himself with a almost broken shield. Also appears to be in thought* Oh no ! If this keeps up I will not last for a another second, I better find a way to strike him down fast before-

Just as Ron was about to finish his thoughts, Chris would do one last heavy hit towards the shield and breaks it in half completely. This would of course would make Ron become even more surprised seeing how his only defense is now just his Iron lance. Seconds after Ron's Shield has been broken, Chris would do one backflip to avoid Ron's attack and the crowd immediately roars in deep excitement while you and the rest of the group began to root for Chris big time. Out of all the people that was cheering the most was none other than Trish.

Trish: *Appears to be extremely excited* GO CHRIS ! THIS FIGHT IS CLEARLY YOURS !

After Trish's response, Chris would suddenly hear it and began to blush for a moment since he was quite attracted to her to begin with but that all began to fade away when he notices Ron starting to charge straight towards him with the Iron Lance. What should Chris do to end the match fast ?

A. Pull out his steel bow and attempt to knock the Iron lance off from Ron's hands.

B. Wait for Ron to get closer so Chris can chop the Iron Lance in half thanks to the Steel Axe of his.
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#450
B. Axes beat Lances in the long run and I wouldn't take any chances of using the steel bow now if I was him.
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