CYOA : The Tale of a Plegian Dark Mage Part Two

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3 years ago#451
A would be cooler but definitely B.
Those are brave men out there. Let's go kill them!
-Tyrion Lannister, Clash of Kings
3 years ago#452
Bumping the thread once. Next post will be either answering questions or posting the next part of the story.
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#453
B. let's get close and personal.
If life is suffering, then does death bring peace?
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3 years ago#454
A because we need to show off, and this vote won't change anything.
Etherealist posted...
"Want me to draw my sword and use some burst artes?"
3 years ago#455
Looks like "B" is our winner this time.

As soon as Chris had noticed Ron was charging straight towards him with the Iron Lance, Chris would smirk for a moment and decide to let Ron to get close to him while gripping his steel axe very tightly for the finishing blow. When Ron was extremely close to Chris, He let out a chuckle and grabbed the Iron lance with a response.

Chris:*Chuckles first then Smirks towards Ron* I got you now !

Of course Ron doesn't say anything at all but he eyes most certainly widened when Chris would lift the steel axe from the ground and break the Lance in half with one simple chop. When the lance was chopped in half, It really did not take long until Ron has completely surrendered to Chris's brute strength. Seconds later, the crowd begins to roar in excitement over Chris's Victory. Even you and the Group were excited to see him win this round.

Eventually the crowd would stop cheering when Basilio and Flavia would step in to announce that Chris will be proceeding to face off Chrom the next round and they now wanted You and Robin to step into the arena. When you had heard your name being called out by the two hosts, you would sigh for a moment and immediately head out but to be greeted by Chris first. He ends up giving a response.

Chris: *Smirks* Hey (insert your name here). Good luck out there, you will need it.

You:*Smirks back at Chris* Thanks Chris, it means quite a lot. I'll show them how it is done !

Chris: *Chuckles for a moment then smiles* Alright then.

After Chris's response, He would pat you on the back and immediately leave shortly after as you head towards the middle of the stage looking straight at the crowd first. Eventually you would notice Sophia and the rest of the group and once you had noticed them, You slowly waved at them for a moment before you were instantly greeted by Robin who would give off a very friendly response.

Robin: *Smiles for a moment before raising his hand so you can shake it.* May the best man win.

You:*Smiles back at Robin and then shakes his hand in agreement.* Same here good sir, May the best man win.

After your response, you step back for a moment to get a distance away from him. Since you still have some time before Basilio and Flavia would inform you two that you could start the match, what should you do ?

A. Use a Magic Tonic since you know this will not be an easy fight.

B. Use a Speed Tonic because this is not going to be easy.

C. Use the Dread scroll that you and Sophia had found in the Lake earlier. (Changing classes will make you lose access to your dark magic but you will be able to use Axes and Swords.)

D. Just prepare for the worst.
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#456
Tough choice here but I will choose B on this one. I don't want to lose access to Insert your name here's dark magic.
3 years ago#457
B. The Dark Mage needs to be able to double Robin.
If life is suffering, then does death bring peace?
Official groom of Tiki - Fire Emblem Awakening =3
3 years ago#458
Etherealist posted...
"Want me to draw my sword and use some burst artes?"
3 years ago#459
Sorry about all of that, I got too carried away with the newest DLC. From the looks of things "B" has won this round for sure.

Since the round is just about to begin, You would immediately pull out a speed tonic and use it right away to gain a massive surge amount of energy before you pulled out your Elwind, the tome of your choice to go up against Robin who pulls out his Elthunder. Within seconds after the two of you had pulled out the tomes, Basilio would suddenly give out a smirk for a moment then instantly gave out a response.

Basilio: You may start !

Right after Basilio had given out the response, Robin would immediately start casting away while you simply dodge his spell and cast your spell right back at him twice thanks to the speed tonic that you had used before the round began. The first one would miss but the second one would knock the Elthunder off from Robin's hands.

Of course this would surprise Robin for a moment but it would take long to respond back when he pulls out his steel sword and charges straight towards you. While Robin was charging straight towards you, you would end up making a run for it because you wanted to keep a distance away from the sword. While you were running away from Robin, you look behind you and start casting more spells but to your surprise Robin would dodge them all and somehow got a little bit closer to you thanks to his speed.

Since Robin had dodged all of your attacks that came from your Elwind tome, you quickly swapped tomes and began to use your Ruin tome since just using your Elwind will not be enough to win this. Seconds later while the two of you were chasing each other, Robin would suddenly get a good idea and decided to run back to pick up his Elthunder tome while you began to wonder what in the world he is planning to do. It wouldn't take long for you to realize what Robin was planning to do next since he was going to pick up the Elthunder and cast the spell in a certain direction of where you were going to run to next and electrocute you for his victory. You end up giving a response.

You:*Grins for a moment* There is no way I am going to let him do that ! I better act fast !

Right after your response, Robin would also almost near his Elthunder tome but as soon as he picks it up, You would immediately pull a critical hit from your Ruin tome and knock that tome right off Robin's hands and it would get sent flying to the other side of the arena.
Because Robin's tome was sent flying to the other side of the arena, it would of course surprise Robin but he didn't seemed to be surprised at all. Instead he appears to be smirking like he had just set you up completely when you got into the range of his steel sword. He would end up giving a response.

Robin: You fought quite well good sir, but I am afraid you had lost.

You:*Becomes extremely surprised at first but Smirks afterwards.* Curses ! I didn't see this coming.....Not !

Right after your response, You quickly activated the skill Ignis, the same skill you had learned back in the hideout when you had to defeat Shadow you and Sophia. Once the skill has been activated, you casted the Ruin spell to knock Robin's sword off his hands and waited for a response which of course did happen.

Robin: I know when I am defeated at my own game, I surrender.

After Robin's response, the crowd goes wild and Basilio would step in to announce that you had won and will face who ever wins the next round. Right after Basilio's announcement, you suddenly feel like you wanted to have a conversation with Robin since he was still starting at you. He also appears to be quite interested. What should you do ?

A. Have a quick conversation with Robin. There is still time until the next round.

B. Ignore him and rejoin the others since the next round is about to begin.
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#460
A is my choice, I want to find out what Robin has to say.
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