CYOA : The Tale of a Plegian Dark Mage Part Two

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Bumping the thread.
I liked this Story....
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A. Let's try to get support points with Robin.
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"A" is our winner this time.

Since there was still some time before the next round would begin, you would immediately kept your attention towards Robin since he was rather impressed of your skills and because he just kept staring at you. Seconds later, Robin would finally give out a response.

Robin:*Appears to be highly impressed towards the actions you had taken to win the match.* Now that was quite impressive good sir, May I ask your name so I can remember it ? My name Is Robin.

You*Smirks for a moment* Nice to meet you Robin, my name is (insert your name here) and I came from Plegia, my home country.

Robin:*Smiles for a moment but becomes rather serious afterwards* (insert your name here) eh, that's quite interesting. I am assuming that you are trying to get the alliance ?

You:*Appears to be quite puzzled at first then completely understands where Robin is going at.* Actually no Robin. Although I am from Plegia, I had completely betrayed my king since he was a complete dastard....I am here to help the people that came with me.

Robin:*Sighs for relief then smiles* Hmm that's quite interesting (insert your name here) because helping others is a great way to make friends along the way.

You: *Chuckles for a moment then smiles back* Ha ha ha yeah Robin, It sure does. In fact now that you mentioned it, I actually ended up getting married because of strong bonds. I suppose you had that too ?

Robin: *Starts to smile more.* Actually yes (insert your name here), it did happen when I first met a certain friend of mine who is now fighting in this arena as we speak. I'm afraid you might have to face him next if that other guy loses.

You: *Frowns for a moment* Looks like we are in the same boat because looks like my friend is facing off against yours.

Robin:*Appears to be highly surprised at first then begins to frown for a moment too* Ah I see (insert your name here). Knowing my friend, he is going to do whatever it takes to win this tournament. Ylisse's fate is on the line here.

You: *Starts to understand how Robin feels.* Hmm so Ylisse fate is on the line here eh ? If you want I can help you guys out with this since I am already helping a lot of people out to begin with.

Robin:*Appears to be highly surprised yet again* That would be a great help (insert your name here). We need all the help we can get. Say (insert your name here), would you like to join the Shepherds since you are being such a great help to us already ?

Right after Robin would give out his response, What should you say to him ?

A. You: I am going to have to think about it Robin, My friends might need me a lot more than anything. I will give out my final decision when this is all done.

B. You: I am afraid I cannot join your group Robin but maybe we might cross paths someday.
I liked this Story....
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A seems like our best bet here since that conversation just showed a quick friendship between our nameless hero and Robin.
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A. See what Sophia wants to do.
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A. Let's see what the others have to say about this.
If life is suffering, then does death bring peace?
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"A" won this round.

Shortly after Robin had given his response, it wouldn't take long for you to respond back to him in a polite way.

You:*Smiles at Robin* I am going to have to think about it Robin, My friends might need me a lot more than anything. I will give out my final decision when this is all done.

Robin:*Smiles back at you* Alright then (Insert your name here), the offer is still up if you are still interested. I am going to inform our leader about this, I see you later.

You: Later Robin.

Right after your response, You and Robin would immediately leave the arena but while you were walking away, you would notice Chris was heading straight towards your direction with a Smirk to show that he was quite impressed. As soon as you got close to him, Chris would immediately give out a response.

Chris:*Smirks* Great work out there (insert your name here) ! You really outdid yourself this time !

You:*Smirks back at Chris* Thanks Chris, that really means quite a lot to me, Do you have a second ?

Chris:*Still smirking.* Of course ! What do you need (Insert your name here) ?

After Chris's response, you would immediately inform him of the current situation that you are now helping Robin and his friend gain alliance for Ylisse and that he should do the same thing. You also mention that Robin had offered him to join up with their group too but you didn't know how the others would react towards all of this. It wouldn't take long for Chris to respond back.

Chris:*Still smirks but completely understands* Heh so that's what's going eh ? Alright you can count me in as well if you join their group that is.

You:*Starts to smile* Thanks Chris, that really means quite a lot to me since you had said that. I got to get going, I need to inform the others about all of this. Good luck.

Chris:*Smiles back* Thanks.

After Chris's response, he would head directly towards the middle of the arena while you completely leave to go and inform the others about the current situation. About two minutes later, you finally found your group and was instantly greeted by Sophia. She would immediately give out a response.

Sophia:*Starts to hug you* Congratulations on your victory love, you did great out there.

You:*Hugs Sophia back and kisses her lips for a quick second.* Thanks Sophia, that means quite a lot to me. Do you have a second, I don't have much time to explain.

Sophia: *Smiles at you in a very caring way* I'm all ears for you my love.

After Sophia's response, you would immediately tell her the situation of what's is going on and that Robin had offered to let you join his group but you didn't know how the others was going to react towards all of this. Once you had told Sophia about it, She would immediately respond back with a smile.

Sophia: *Still appears to be smiling* Well that was highly nice of you to do that my love, I'm glad you had decided to help them because I would of done the same thing. If you join them, I will come with you because I want to be with you forever.

You:*Blushes for a moment then smiles* Thank you. Can you also do me one last favor Sophia ?

Sophia: Sure thing, Anything for you.

You: Can you tell the others about this situation, I got to head back and get ready for the final round.

After your response, Sophia understands and does what you had asked while you head back to prepare for the final match. Meanwhile, Chris is still standing in the middle of the Arena with his steel axe in hand. He is also now waiting for his opponent to show up. Since Chris has a lot of time in his hands, what should he do ?

A. Use the Defense Tonic while he is waiting.
B. Use the Tailsman while he is waiting.
B. Do Nothing.
I liked this Story....
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