CYOA : The Tale of a Plegian Dark Mage Part Two

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3 years ago#491
"A" has clearly won this.

Since there was still a lot of time before the match even begins, you immediately get out your magic tonic and use it right away before you pull out your Nosferatu like in your dream. Right after you had used the Magic tonic and pulled out your weapon of choice, you would look directly towards the crowd for a moment and notice the entire group was cheering for you. You smile a for a moment until Chrom would approach you with a response.

Chrom:*Appears to be calm this time.* So your the one who had beaten Robin in the last round ?

You: *Grips the Nosferatu tome tightly* Yes I have. Are you his friend that I had heard about ?

Chrom: Yes I am. You must be (insert your name here). I heard that you are going to help us out in forming the alliance ?

You wouldn't give a response but instead you simply nod your head in agreement.

Chrom: Hmm that's quite interesting right there (Insert your name here). Robin also mentioned that you were still thinking about his offer in joining the Shepherds. Have you thought about it, we could always use the help.

You: I have been thinking about it while you had fought my friend in the last round and had told everyone in the group about it. Even my wife was informed about this.

Chrom: Okay, in that case you mind telling me your answer right now or would you like to wait until this match is completely over and done with ? I wouldn't mind either way.

You: I think It is best that we wait until the match is done. Are you their leader ?

Chrom: Yes I am (insert your name here), are you their leader ?

You: Quite honestly, we don't even have a leader though I do most of the thinking.

Chrom: *Pulls out the Falchion and grips it tightly* That's Interesting (Insert your name here). Robin also does that too for us even though he is our tactician.

Just as you were about to respond back to Chrom, Basilio would finally announce that you and Chrom may begin the final match for the title of being Flavia's champion. Right after Basilio has finished his announcement, Chrom would give one last response.

Chrom: *starts to become rather serious* Brace yourself, I will not let you win this.

You: Same.

Right after your response, Chrom would immediately start charging straight towards you with his Falchion and when he got close, you would immediately dodge it just like the dream that you had and start casting away your spells towards Chrom but once again like in the dream, Chrom would dodge them all and would try to strike you down. this would repeat several times until Chrom would pull the same exact critical hit that would make you take a lot of damage like in the dream.

Also because you had taken Chrom's critical hit, it would make you collapse to the ground. Now that you are down, Everyone in you group would be rather surprised about this and try to encourage you to get back up and to not give up while the people who was cheering for Chrom was beaming with excitement. Seconds later, mostly everyone had thought this match was over but to you it wasn't completely over because you had not given up. Because of this, the skill "Awakening" would immediately activate and you would get back up on your feet with red vision. This would of course surprise Chrom quite a lot before he goes back into his battle position. Even everyone in the crowd was quite surprised about this too and a response was also made shortly after you had gotten up. It was the same exact words you had said in your dream.

You: Its not over....I will not give up here !

Right after your response, what should you do ?

A. Charge straight towards Chrom. (You will be reenacting the dream again.)

B. Get some distance away from Chrom and start casting.
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#492
A. I challenge my prophetic dream!
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3 years ago#493
A. I really want to see who really wins this because in the dream, the TC did not tell us who in the world won.
3 years ago#494
3 years ago#495

Introduce Chrom to hula dancing.
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3 years ago#496
Bumping the thread one last time because I'm either going to have to add a part three or posting the next part of the story if no one else responds within the next hour or so.
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#497
Come on guys... I'm waiting to jump in and take the 500th post.
My dream team: Me, azn_boy150, Dadkwashere, Spikaya and Lylat_Cruiser.
Our profession: wrecking topics.
3 years ago#498
3781-6464-7859 56-Styk
3 years ago#499
3781-6464-7859 56-Styk
3 years ago#500
3781-6464-7859 56-Styk
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