Thinking about getting this game but how's the story? (No Spoilers!)

#21MonkeyShamanPosted 4/8/2013 12:50:16 PM
Story is bad, but the characters are awesome and make up for it (that, and the gameplay). You won't get a good understanding of them unless you do at least a few supports, though.
#22Master_GamerPosted 4/8/2013 4:52:24 PM
All the ones I've have played have very good stories.

The Mario RPGs, the Tales games (especially Tales of Symphonia), Arc Rise Fantasia, Kingdom Hearts, and even quite a few of the Final Fantasy games have some good stories. What hot air are you blowing out?

The Mario RPGs don't have a good story. They have amazing writing, but that's pretty much unconnected to the barebones cookie-cutter "gather the mystic star thingies and beat the main antagonist", given how each chapter from a Paper Mario can be copy/pasted into another game without anything changing the actual story. And the Mario RPGs are the only thing on there I can say good things about, having played most Final Fantasies, Kingdom Hearts titles, and some of the Tales games.

Well, I guess Kingdom Hearts can be charming when it remembers it's a Disney game, which isn't very often nowadays. And Final Fantasy 5 is good **** because of the GBA localization and Gilgamesh.
Mega Man rocks.