Who to Marry?

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New to FE series in general, having lots of fun so far. I tried researching this question but the topics all look like nonsense to me (not past chapter 8 so far).

Should I marry whoever I think looks best/cutest together, or is there some sort of combo that should definitely be avoided?

Is there a stats-junkie way to marry, or is the choice of pairing not as important?
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Depends on what you want. If you want to marry for stats, your Asset/Flaw is needed for our help. If you wanna marry for fun(which you should) just marry whoever you think fits.
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If you're minmaxing, there are combinations that aren't as effective as others. If you're not minmaxing, go nuts and pair up whomever you want.
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It depends what dificulty you're on. On a normal or hard playthrough, it really won't matter one bit. Lunatic and Lunatic+ though, you may want to avoid a few characters, but for the most part, I'd just play it by ear for your first run.
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First playthrough just marry whoever. Don't sweat the min/max stuff til after you've already beaten the game once and thoroughly enjoyed it.

As for marriages themselves.

You don't marry for stats. You marry for skills and classes as high caps mean nothing if you don't have the skills or classes to properly abuse them.
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its never worth using kids anyways for the main story so dont worry about marriage. let supports come naturally by your playstyle.
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Marry who you want on your first run through. There will be plenty of time for min-maxing afterwards.
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