CYOA. Fun with class changes.

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B is very tempting, but I'll go with C.
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It's game time.
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C. Yay! More marriages!
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RDS1 posted...
B is very tempting, but I'll go with C.

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"Libra my love, for the sake of future generations my seed must be spread to as many children as possible. I must marry more people. My heart shall always belong to you though"

"Whatever you desire shall be yours my love."

With that you leave the village and head back to the shepards garrison. However Fredrick who appears to be holding a stack of posters with Chrom naked on them stands in your way.

"One of our scouts saw you destroy that village! How could you....uh what's you name?"


"Oh okay. Where was I. Oh yes! How could you do such a thing? And libra why are you with her?"

You sigh. Fredrick is a powerful opponent.

What do you do?

A Seduce him and make him your next marriage!

B Both of you use a rescue staff on him at the same time. The results won't be very pretty you think.

C Class change into a Mage! His resistance is terrible!

D I wonder if there is a anybody to marry in Plegia?

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Going with B.
#60Pikmin3000Posted 4/10/2013 6:13:54 AM
Definitely B...
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