What gender and name did you give your avatar?

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2 years ago#61
Pentao posted...
From: Huff n puff 20 | #027


cout << sizeOf(int)/4 << endl;

Well, I'll be.
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2 years ago#62

"Kresnik" because Tales of Xillia 2 was the last game I played
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2 years ago#63
Altair718 posted...
1st playthrough - Female; Soledad. I think it sounds pretty cool.
2nd playthrough - Male; Takgu. It has nothing to do with table tennis. It means to seek what is noble.
Current playthrough - Female; Yasmine, after myself.

Funny story about Takgu the only reason I knew it was because I watched some of a kdrama where the protagonist name is Takgu given to him from his father he even explain it to his mistress what it meant.

1st Playthrough: Galbrant Male
2nd Playthrough Mariko Female.
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2 years ago#64
1. Male, Rundas

2. Female, Gandrayda

3. Male, Ghor
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2 years ago#65
pizzaman95 posted...
"Gender" refers to what one identifies as, "sex" refers to what you are biologically.

To be fair though, the game does say "Gender" when creating your MU, so, eh. :/

Anyway, mine was female, named Robin. (Yay unoriginality.)
2 years ago#66
Latest male: Elphatos (don't ask, even I don't know why)
Latest female: Machi (Japanese for a thousand)
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2 years ago#67
I have 2: Female Luca, Female Kyria.
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2 years ago#68
In my second playthrough, I named my female avatar Honey. In a Bride Class.

Now everyone loves me.
2 years ago#69
Zero280 posted...
Male.I named him Kazuma(hes named after an anime character)

Is he a wind mage?
2 years ago#70
pizzaman95 posted...
boxdude123 posted...
Isn't that the same thing..

"Gender" refers to what one identifies as, "sex" refers to what you are biologically.

No, it doesn't. :/

Gender comes from "genus", which boils down to categorizing items based on physical characteristics and appearances.
In English it is generally divided into three separate categories:
-Male (ie; masculine)
-Female (ie; feminine)
-Gender neutral

Hence the phrase "traditional gender roles", such as the working class father and the stay at home mother.
They were gender roles because, traditionally; males worked and females stayed at home, and women that did work hardly "identified" as male.
Even if I were the the most feminine man on Earth I'd still be male because of my physical characteristics.

As for transgenders and such, the word gender or sex could both be used interchangeably for pre-op or post-op, neither word specifically means "Which were you born as?", and said transgenders would probably feel very offended if every time they had to check the sex box on a document that they had to answer with their original birth gender and not their new identity.

Edit - Forgot to put my character in.

Male, Mark.
I bothered to teach him every single skill that's currently out, he's rather expensive to hire.
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