What gender and name did you give your avatar?

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I usually go default (or look for "official" default names) if they give me the option but not a fan of Robin.

If I knew I was going to be playing the game so many times, I would've named my Avatars with something more thematic.

By the way, I think the price of the Avatar in the logbook is based on their internal level, I updated a maxed stat avatar that learned no new skills after they gained a few levels and the price went up.
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Calvina - FeMU
Grima - MU
Erina - FeMU
Dick(That's actually my real name) - MU
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I have two currently.

Avatar 1:Male:Yuri (Dark green hair, I think No. 3 or 4.)

Avatar 2:Female:Kira (Also Dark green hair.)

For my "Fanon" it's YuriXTiki and, probably, KiraXPriam. However, I am at least filling up their S supports on extra playthroughs with the Spotpass characters just to see their confessions.
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Male, named Rackham (after a D&D character of mine).
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First: Mark.
Second: Mistel.
Third: Wolf.
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Male named Justice and Female named Courage.
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puny and puny-Yuki :D
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Two 3DSs, two games...

Game 1:
File 1 - Lunatic/Classic -
Name: Quinn
Meaning: A variant of the name ceann meaning “”intelligent,”" Quinn is the most common surname in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland and is increasingly used as a given name. As traditional quartermasters to the O’Neills, the kings of Ulster for over four centuries, Quinns were responsible for arms and provisions in both war and peace.
Sex: Male
Build: 1
Face: 4
Hair: 4
Hair Color: 7 (Owain Hair Color)
Voice: Male 1
Wife: Lissa
Current Class: Tactician

File 3:
See file 1 only on Hard/Classic and my MU is a Grandmaster

File 1 will be my main file after I get to the point I want and delete file 3, I was thinking simply clear Lunatic to make it a Lunatic+ file but I hear Plus is pretty cheap in how it treats you, and I like Lunatic's difficulty.

Game 2:

File 1 Hard/Classic
Name: Dosio
Meaning: Latin for "Rich"
Sex: Male
Build: 2
Face: 4
Hair: 5
Hair Color: 20
Voice: Male 2:
Wife: Anna (Planning)
Current Class: Warrior (For Counter - Aiming to be either Trickster or Assassin)

This is my Salesman file, where people buy stuff from the streetpass shop. But... If people are aiming for a fight... Well... I'm not going to make it easy for them.

I do wish to do a file where I have MUXTharja based around this fanart:

Build 3 is the only build I have yet to do so...

And a FeMUX Chrom file just for the sake of the emotional storyline.

I really get addicted to games where you have custom characters as I've never been a fan of modeling them after myself, but rather make little stories and such.
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uuurrrggh posted...
Latest male: Elphatos (don't ask, even I don't know why)
Latest female: Machi (Japanese for a thousand)

Machi is Japanese for "town" or "neighborhood", as far as I know.
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male name God
female name God
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