What gender and name did you give your avatar?

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RDS1 posted...
You'd think Azunyan would be +Skill...

Nope. I had her to marry Yarne!Lon'qu while I also had Edge to marry Nah!Kellam. As for Nanna, I haven't decided which one should she marry to since I planned to get many Armsthrift and Galeforce users as poosible as I can.
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Male: Sol (I name all my video game created characters Sol)

Female: Scarlet (My 2 year old daughter's name)
Makes sense to me...
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My girls-

Faline- female
Serah- female
Jupiter (named her that because everytime her thunder broke it would say 'Jupiter's thunder broke) -female

Dante (devil may cry fangirl so bad) -male