I officially hate Jaffar...

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User Info: glitchunter75

3 years ago#1
In RnR3, he attacked Owain. Conversation triggers. Fast-forward to the end:

Owain: I-I will... when the appointed time comes...

Jaffar: You won't live that long.

*Lethality activates*

GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! And I was doing so well that run too!
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User Info: Jahozafat124

3 years ago#2
im surprised it took you that long to hate Jaffar, I hated him in all 3 because of Lethality, so I never gave him a chance to use it (kept sending in ranged units), when I do face him with Owain for the special conversation, I will be sure to have Owain out of range of his attack.
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User Info: AKC12

3 years ago#3
I love Jaffar. He's just what I wanted for my ideal Sniper unit.

User Info: Mforz

3 years ago#4
He has never killed me,and he won't because I always skip everything except when he is close. I just use my spear/tomahawk/levin/tome,beat him,and skip everything until its over.

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User Info: Natatteru

3 years ago#5
What, Jaffar actually said something?
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User Info: Gokotsu

3 years ago#6
Natatteru posted...
What, Jaffar actually said something?

All of the units have special battle conversations with the enemies and allies of the DLCs

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