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3 years ago#11
DemiseEnd posted...
Fire Emblem on GBA

If you want to go further you need some emulator and stuff.....

That's really frustrating that I would have to turn to emulators if I want to enjoy other FE titles. I would gladly pay for them on the eshop or something.
3 years ago#12
NewbieN00b posted...
Thundred posted...
That's pretty lame that I missed out on FE8 on the eshop.. But of the two GBA games, which would you guys consider the better one?

Fe7 is generally considered the better one.

(Though, FE8 is more similar to awakening, and I like FE8 more :p But, that is just my opinion)

*high-fives you endlessly for the last part*
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3 years ago#13
Fore more insulting news, some of the older FE have been included in Japanese e-shop

So, yeah

Also FE12 basically need some pirating or emu to be played in English
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3 years ago#14
Emulate or buy a used copy of Fire Emblem on the GBA. They're taking forever to bring GBA games over to the eShop, and I've only heard talk about them being brought over to the WiiU shop in the future.
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