Rate the Skill, Paralogue 7: Rightful King and Strength +2

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And now, we are coming closer to the end. This is the last week of "Rate the Skill".

Just found out that Conquest also works like Iote's Shield.
Looks like Walhart doesn't need to waste money to kill archers.

Rightful King:
*Who can learn this Skill: Chrom, Lucina
*Who can inherit this Skill: Inigo, Brady, Morgan (all from Chrom)

Strength +2
*Who starts with this Skill: Cherche, Gerome, Morgan.
*Who can learn this Skill: Frederick, Sully, Virion, Lon'qu, Panne, Nowi, Say'ri, Tiki, Kjelle, Nah, Walhart, Yen'fay, Aversa, Avatar, Morgan.
*Who can inherit this Skill: Lucina, Owain, Inigo, Brady, Cynthia, Severa, Yarne, Laurent, Noire.

Rightful King adds 10% to the Trigger Rate of every skill who has one.

This is particularly useful for the 2 lords, who can use this Skill to make Aether broken (too high of a proc rate for what it does). Other proc skills like Astra, Lethality, Luna and Sol
can be benefited from this as well, specially the first 2. A rank.

Strength +2... grants it.

Can still help you do more damage and kill people. C rank.


Skills left to re-vote, in order

Defense +2
Resistance +2
Magic +2

Rally Spectrum
Rally Movement

Dual Support +

Rally Defense


Confession Time!
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S Rank:
*Aether (Great Lord,Lv5)
*Sol (Hero,Lv5)!A
*Galeforce (Dark Flier, Lv15)
*Limit Break (Rogues and Redeemers,3)

A Rank:
*Rightful King (Great Lord,Lv15)
*Veteran (Tactician,Lv1)!S
*Ignis (Grandmaster,Lv5)!
*Rally Spectrum (Grandmaster,Lv15)
*Armsthrift (Mercenary,Lv1)!S
*Astra (Swordmaster,Lv5)!
*Vantage (Myrmidon,Lv10)!B
*Aegis (Paladin,Lv15)
*Luna (Great Knight,Lv5)
*Dual Guard+ (Great Knight,Lv15)
*Pavise (General,Lv15)
*Aptitude (Villager,Lv1)
*Swordbreaker (Wyvern Lord,Lv15)
*Deliverer (Griffon Rider,Lv5)
*Tomefaire (Sage,Lv15)
*Renewal (War Cleric/Monk,Lv15)
*Dual Support+ (Valkyrie,Lv15)
*Paragon (Lost Bloodlines, 3)
*Resistance +10 (Dread Fighter,Lv1)
*Aggressor (Dread Fighter,Lv15)
*Rally Heart (Bride,Lv1)

B Rank:
*Dual Strike+ (Lord,Lv1)
*Axebreaker (Hero,Lv15)
*Swordfaire (Swordmaster,Lv15)
*Locktouch (Thief,Lv1)
*Movement +1 (Thief,Lv10)
*Lucky Seven (Trickster,Lv5)
*Rally Speed (Falcon Knight,Lv5)
*Lancefaire (Falcon Knight,Lv15)
*Rally Movement (Dark Flier, Lv5)
*Rally Strength (Warrior,Lv5)
*Counter (Warrior,Lv15)
*Wrath (Berserker,Lv5)
*Axefaire (Berserker,Lv15)
*Lancebreaker (Griffon Rider,Lv15)
*Bowbreaker (Bow Knight,Lv15)
*Rally Magic (Sage,Lv5)
*Lifetaker (Dark Knight,Lv15)
*Anathema (Dark Mage,Lv10)
*Vengeance (Sorcerer,Lv5)
*Tomebreaker (Sorcerer,Lv15)
*Miracle (Cleric/Priest,Lv1)
*Rally Resistance (Valkyrie,Lv5)
*Beastbane (Taguel,Lv15)
*Conquest (Walhart)
*Shadowgift (Aversa)
*All Stats +2 (Champions of Yore, 3)
*Bond (Bride,Lv15)
*Iote's Shield (Smash Brethren,3)

C Rank:
*Solidarity (Tactician,Lv10)
*Patience (Mercenary,Lv10)
*Avoid +10 (Myrmidon,Lv1)
*Lethality (Assassin,Lv5)!B
*Pass (Assassin,Lv15)
*Acrobat (Trickster,Lv15)
*Special Dance (Dancer,Lv15)!B
*Discipline (Cavalier,Lv1)
*Defender (Paladin,Lv5)
*Defense +2 (Knight,Lv1)
*Rally Defense (General,Lv5)
*Speed + 2 (Pegasus Knight,Lv1)
*Relief (Pegasus Knight,Lv10)!
*Underdog (Villager,Lv1)
*HP +5 (Fighter,Lv1)
*Zeal (Fighter,Lv10)
*Despoil (Barbarian,Lv1)!
*Gamble (Barbarian,Lv10)
*Strength +2 (Wyvern Rider,Lv1)
*Quick Burn (Wyvern Lord,Lv5)
*Hit Rate +20 (Sniper,Lv5)
*Bowfaire (Sniper,Lv15)
*Magic +2 (Mage,Lv1)
*Focus (Mage,Lv10)
*Hex (Dark Mage,Lv1)
*Healtouch (Cleric/Priest,Lv1)
*Resistance +2 (Troubadour,Lv1)
*Demoiselle (Troubadour,Lv10)
*Wyrmstbane (Manakete,Lv15)

D Rank:
*Charm (Lord,Lv10)
*Luck +4 (Dancer,Lv1)
*Outdoor Fighter (Cavalier,Lv10)
*Indoor Fighter (Knight,Lv10)
*Tantivity (Wyvern Rider,Lv10)
*Skill +2 (Archer,Lv1)
*Prescience (Archer,Lv10)
*Rally Skill (Bow Knight,Lv5)
*Slow Burn (Dark Knight,Lv5)
*Rally Luck (War Cleric/Monk,Lv5)
*Even Rhythm (Taguel,Lv1)
*Odd Rhythm (Manakete,Lv1)
Confession Time!
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#3RedMageKirbyPosted 4/19/2013 7:25:48 PM
I think they're both right where they belong. Rightful King is nifty but not gamebreaking, and Strength + 2 is not great but not bottom tier. A/C.
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A, C

And the most overhyped skill award goes to... Limit Breaker! Congrats on being an "S" rank skill that people will only ever get on one playthrough file for the last 2-3 DLC maps and spotpass battles!
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#5Model_OmegaPosted 4/19/2013 7:27:56 PM
Rightful King: S, must have skill if you can get it
Strength +2: C, something, that's all.
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#6KitoariPosted 4/19/2013 7:29:50 PM
Echo A/C
#7Jstretch19Posted 4/19/2013 7:30:03 PM
Rightful King needs other skills to be useful so by default its A

Str +2- eh its better than most of the other +2 skills so C I guess.
#8clonedstarsPosted 4/19/2013 7:31:22 PM
If you can get Rightful King with Lethality, you would raise lethality activation chance by almost double. Though I suppose this could get trolled by miracle. Ha. Always good to have more skills activating though. Except against counter. Oooohhhh god that counter. Makes me sad
#9clonedstarsPosted 4/19/2013 7:33:36 PM
Realized didn't put ranks. Fail.
Rightful King - A
could be closer to S, but it does take up one of the skill slots and is not exactly the most available skill out there
Str +2 - C
I dislike +2 skills. I want to say D, but +2 str can actually slightly be used if there's no other choice
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