Requesting an image I saw on this board a while back.

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O_O Who's at the very bottom right??

Is that another character?

if your asking about the bottom right of the link with all the males its Priam, character in the paralogue for this thursday for north american players.
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Have you people honestly never heard of the concept of someone being SO normal/nice/non-suspicious that it's like they're hiding something?

So what's Olivia hiding? She's too nice.

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Is there not one for Emmeryn and Aversa?

There is, but I can't find the updated image for it. I know Emm said "LITERALLY RETARDED", while Aversa's said something about siblings..

I think I might have it, will look tomorrow.

I was wrong, mine was just the female one, but smaller.
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Walhart's is the best.

Just to make sure I get it right, Walhart's is a reference to Ghost in the Shell, right? Referencing Batou and Major Kusanagi?
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I can never recognize Owain without his hand in his face or Donnel without his bucket :/
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