What can I pass down/reclass/promote in these marriages?

#1PlickshnaltPosted 4/21/2013 10:48:52 AM
I'm starting my third playthrough of this game, and so far, I have the following people married:

Frederick X Sumia
Kellam X Panne

The pairs that haven't married yet are:
Chrom X Olivia
Nowi X Donnel
Lon'qu X Cordelia
Vaike X Cherche
Miriel X Ricken
Avatar X Tharja
Sully X Gaius
Lissa X Henry

I have Frederick reclassed/promoted into a Wyvern Rider--->Wyvern Lord, and I intend on promoting Sumia to a Dark Flier, and then reclassing her back to a Falcon Knight.

Should I promote Lonqu to a swordsmaster to get Astra, and then reclass him to a Dread Knight? For Cordelia, I am going to do the same as Sumia.

For Kellam, is he better off going from Thief->Trickster->General?