Is all of the DLC worth it???

#1habsalltheway33Posted 4/21/2013 9:25:16 PM
#2DarkAres_02Posted 4/21/2013 9:30:21 PM
Not really, no. Some things are. Gold, Dread Fighter, Bride. Limit Break people will say, and the final set of DLC has some story relevance.
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#3Aniki_marmotaPosted 4/21/2013 9:35:30 PM
For nostalgia, yes, I bought all of the currently available DLC for that reason alone.

If you aren't interested in that, then only some of them are worth it, namely the classes/skills/gold/exp ones.
#4Rev0luti0nN0wPosted 4/21/2013 9:38:04 PM
It's worth it if you have devoted 50+ hours to the game.......
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#5superange128Posted 4/21/2013 9:39:30 PM
I like for nostalgia+challenge yeah
#6setymanPosted 4/21/2013 9:40:48 PM
superange128 posted...
I like for nostalgia+challenge yeah

Same here.
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