love love love this game!! just one question though..

#1ArisenNemesiisPosted 4/22/2013 2:43:25 AM
So I've not long started it and noticed a number at the side of weapons that declines when that particular weapon or magic is used... And when it reaches 0 it breaks... Is there a way to mend weapons etc or does this just happen to all weapons?? Be a bit of a bum if you have a really good weapon but you can't keep it :s
#2JohannKrausPosted 4/22/2013 2:49:58 AM
Nope, no way to repair I don't think, so save the good weapons!
#3EvenSpoonierPosted 4/22/2013 2:51:35 AM
Hammerne staves can repair weapons, if you can find them. IIRC, secret shops at the far eastern side of the map can start selling them quite early in the game, but I don't remember exactly which location to look for.
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#4CrashGordon94_Posted 4/22/2013 3:01:40 AM
There are secret shops in this game?
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#5MalcolmMasherPosted 4/22/2013 3:06:53 AM
If you have two weapons of the same type, selecting Merge or placing both weapons into the supply convoy will combine their number of uses. So if you have one weapon with 24/30 uses and one with 8/30 uses, dumping them into the convoy will leave you with one at 30/30 uses and one at 2/30.

Other than that, you can use the Hammerne staff; one use of Hammerne will restore one weapon or staff to full durability. However, they're not often available. Sometimes a travelling merchant will sell you a Hammerne, at 2000 gold for one use, but no store reliably offers them.
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