If people werent so dead set on ike and soren being together...

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Yes there still would be.

As Ike never shows interest in women at all and still only has a romantic ending with Soren or Ranulf and a secret romantic support with Soren.

PoR and RD would have to alter Ike and Soren a great deal to set up Ike for not being gay and alter Ike's ending as well as the final scene so that Ikd has Ragnell instead of a regular ol'sword.
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nflchamp posted...
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In almost any other case someone saying their ancestor was an important figure we would just assume that they were directly descendent from that individual.

And yet Marth is the descendent of Anri and isn't his direct descendent. Precedence is a powerful thing.

I still don't like how no one makes a huge deal about that.

Marth's direct descendant wasn't even all that great. So I can understand why they just say "Anri" as he's the guy everyone likes because he's the "Hero"...

Anri also doesn't marry because Artemis marries Cartas for political reasons, thus Ahri never has an heir.
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Ike x Oliver forever
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IkexSoren is canon. Priam is a gayby
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Capitan_Kid posted...
IkexSoren is canon. Priam is a gayby

Or he's descended directly from Mist who is canonically not gay.
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