What did YOU name your Avatar?

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User Info: 7up1001

3 years ago#121
Named her Morgan, had a child named Morgan.

Now made twin Morgans.
*Mind blown*
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User Info: SnowyyPanda

3 years ago#122
1st file: Wendy (I always name the Female Avatar after myself)
2nd file: Akira (I named my MaMU this because it means intelligent and bright)
3rd file: Same as 1st file.
I love pandas.

User Info: fireemblemomega

3 years ago#123

I played too much Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon
There is no greater challenge than beating the limits you set on yourself.

User Info: boarbaque

3 years ago#124
Asch from Asch from Tales of the Abyss

User Info: vanguard29

3 years ago#125
1. Ethan (me)
2. Arthur ( i like that name)
3. Sadie (i like that name for a girl)
4. Nzarik (name i made up for a character in one of my books)
5. Marcus (named after another character in another one of my books.)
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User Info: RoseOfOrlais

3 years ago#126
Female: Mordina
Male: Talos

Both taken from Star Wars the Old Republic. Mordina is my sorceror and Talos is one of her companions.

User Info: TeaStrife

3 years ago#127

Every single game I play.
"Oh, the things I'd do with Cordelia in the grass... amongst the butchered corpses of my foes..." - Raltrios

User Info: StormOSummit

3 years ago#128
First run, my name. Second run Grima. Third run Jae.

User Info: Fulvip

3 years ago#129
Gawyn and Elayne, from The Weel of Time.
Then Sionnach.
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