Think of any 3 Fire Emblem character.

#1endgelPosted 4/23/2013 4:11:27 PM
They are now the first trio for your favorite hockey team.

Who are they and can they work well together to make the team win the Stanley Cup?
#2Bronze_StuffPosted 4/23/2013 4:13:24 PM
Gordin, Sigurd and Ike...? I guess so. Gordin has the precision, Sigurd has the movement and Ike has the power to make a good team.
#3SpikayaPosted 4/23/2013 4:15:16 PM
Chrom, Tiki, and Lucina.

... Uh, know nothing about hockey, soo...
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#47up1001Posted 4/23/2013 4:15:28 PM
and Chrom...

*kicks Olivia out*
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#5Mister_LuigiPosted 4/23/2013 4:21:26 PM
Chrom, Lucina, and Priam.

Proc skills to victory? (Sol, Aether, Astra, Luna...) I think that's all of the attack skills they can possibly get combined, haha.
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#6davidledsmaPosted 4/23/2013 4:22:34 PM
Lissa, Maribelle, and Ricken.
How would this work?
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#7shiningpikablu252Posted 4/23/2013 4:23:15 PM
Jagen, Sigurd, FE6 Marcus

...Oh, the dreaded Jeigan line. Put it together and you instantly fall into a slump! No way we're winning the Cup now! Why haven't Jagen and Marcus retired yet, and why haven't we sent Sigurd down to the ECHL?
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#8OsrangerPosted 4/23/2013 4:27:28 PM
Cordelia, Lon qu, and Yarne. We got this.
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#91iqPosted 4/23/2013 4:28:18 PM
Lyn, Lyon and Lon'Qu? These guys will score goals in a flash.
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#10Huff n puff 20Posted 4/23/2013 4:34:02 PM
Sigurd, Seliph, and Gregor on the Red Wings?

That's overkill.