Character you wish with more supports?

#21ScrubplayerPosted 4/23/2013 10:02:29 PM
All characters should be able to have support conversations with one another.
#22Devil_Killer_JCPosted 4/23/2013 10:42:22 PM
superange128 posted...

but eh I chose Say'ri since she's important to the story and at least Basilio/Flavia get some interaction with each other and a few characters outside supports.

Say'ri doesn't really have much personality-wise so it would be nice if she A) had her own kid and B) had interaction with a lot of the more "quirky" characters

Her kid would be awesome. Access to peg knight, wyvern lord and myrmidon classes is pretty sweet. I know she's supposed to have died during the Valm arc in Lucina's future, but they could have just pulled the same thing they did with Morgan and Yen'fey, as in, the kid is from a different timeline.

Anyways, I have to vote Say'ri. Seriously, she's an important character in the Valm arc, and you don't really get to know her very well. It's lame.
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Pretty much all of them, I think Lucina and any of Chroms children should have supports with Lissas children... their cousins, Aversa should have Supports with Gangrel... and Emmeryn... ehem, they could reconcile, Also Aversa with supports with Walhart would be awesome, not all of them should result in possible marriages or S ranking, even if their opposite gender, like Lissa and Chrom... but man, Dark Gift and Galeforce + Conquest... too awesome.

Also every DLC character should have full supports with the people in their own game... Cmon, it's their game, maybe even cross game if they have some sort of close familial tie, or similar themes, which is common with many villians, even if their in no way related. I haven't played most of the games, so I can't say whose who, but I know Marth should have S support with Caeda, and Minerva should have A support among her and all of her peg knights. so on so forth. If they add Medeus he could have S support with... that sorcerer, dang, memory be failing me. you get the idea, I only played Shadow Dragon beside this one.

But yeah, a lot more supports, even if S support and Marriage are much more limited with other characters, and DLC may have more supports of reminiscense rather than bonding.
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#24SmashStrikePosted 4/23/2013 11:03:26 PM
Basilio. Would have very much liked to see what his supports would have been with Lon'qu, Olivia, Gregor, Chrom, and Sully.
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