Archers to Pegasus Knights is like Stealth Rock to Pokemon weak to Rock.

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Neosephiroth666 posted...
All high and mighty? Now who's being condescending? And I wasn't trying to be
condescending. If I came off that way I apologize. Also, stealth rock's damage isn't constant? I've never had that happen to me and I've mastered nearly every Pokemon game on nearly every system.

Well you were wrong so... And sorry if I sound mad, I just got owned by some archers and was laughing at myself. Stealth Rock is constant damage every time you switch in. It was a metagame changer.
And being archered reminded me of Stealth Rocks for some reason...

Imppala posted...
Just make sure your peg knights are out of range of archers AT ALL TIMES. It's not hard to do, just highlight the archer units with A and check out their threat range.

Or if you're foolhardy (or grinded enough), use that beautiful movement range and strike first. Still have to make sure in doing so you don't move into the threat range of yet another archer, but them's the breaks.

In later game, peg knights eat archers for breakfast.

Yeah I'm doing that now. Well trying.
Ah. I assume that's what Trump meant. I'm just trying to keep my team at equal levels on my first run.
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Imppala posted...
In later game, peg knights eat archers for breakfast.

Unless there is more than one.
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Archer was so bad that they are basically a breakfast for like.... Everything
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Archers are more like hitting a grass type with a fire move because double damage. I don't see how it relates to stealth rocks at all (or see why people constantly complain about rocks, since unless you're going mono-flying or refuse to rapid spin there isn't much of a problem)
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People complain about Stealth Rawks because they overcentralized the metagame. It's a one turn set up that equates literally to free damage upon switch in. It's reliable and cannot be absorbed unlike Toxic Spikes. Speaking of which, it stacks with Spikes. The amount of damage can be ENORMOUS. 25% to pokes weak to rocks and a whopping 50% to those who are double weak. Most pokes still suffer 12.5% which is respectable.

Nearly every team carries it and is designed to go around it, either using a Rapid Spinner or a team that isn't weak to Rock type. Of course, designing a team that isn't weak to Rock type would necessarily limit the pool of available Pokes out there for you to choose from (basically no Fire, Bug, Ice, or Flying or heaven forbid a poke with two of the ones listed above). Stealth Rocks can also mean the difference between 2HKO and 3HKO which is major.
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Eh, it's not the first time a post of mine was taken the wrong way.:) If I'm wrong I'm wrong. No skin off my chest. Anyway, I haven't had much trouble myself with archers in Awakening, not even on Lunatic. At least not compared to some of the other FE games I've played. Let's see... The most trouble I've had with archers would have to be in either FE4 or FE6. It's a tie. In this game the pair up system is really useful to avoiding archers, but in the older games it was quite different.
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Archer in FE6

Don't you mean balistae >_>
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DemiseEnd posted...
Archer in FE4

Don't you mean balistae and Bow Armors >_>

...Had to go there.
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Bow Armor got nothing on Mah Canto >_<
Real Metal bounces their breast. Deal with it