Archers to Pegasus Knights is like Stealth Rock to Pokemon weak to Rock.

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DemiseEnd posted...
Bow Armor got nothing on Mah Canto >_<

Eh, the guy mentioned problems with Archers in FE4. There were... Jamke and Faval, but you recruit them... Bow Armors, Ballistae, and the Beige Ritter. (well there were derpy hunters in Prologue and Ch1, but those guys can't hit broad sides of barns)
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Huff n puff 20 posted...
DemiseEnd posted...
Archer in FE4

Don't you mean balistae and Bow Armors >_>

...Had to go there.

Yeah sorry, I thought that was understood. And they were a b****. FE4,5, and 6 were the only FE games that actually made me lose control of my emotions temporarily.(aka rage) And considering I'm an actor that prides himself on controlling his emotions that says something.
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seeing how Pegasus Knights can just stay out of Archers' range, then fly in and take them out, while pokémon weak to Rock are completely screwed over by Stealth Rock.....

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