Is Medeus Grima?(Spoilers)

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Yeah im wrong, Demon Dragon are Mage Dragon

Just a bit of infodump:

The only really canon Dark Dragon is Medeus, because it is both his title(technically he is also a Dark Prince, but lets not go there for the moment), and he actually become one in FE3, by transforming after being revived by Gharnef again.

Loptyr can also become Dark Dragon, but we never saw the damn thing for sure

Idoun is a Mage Dragon, and previously a Divine Dragon. In FE1 translation, they are translated as Demon Dragon(I confused this with Dark Dragon)

Also for extra note, Medeus might actually be stronger than Grima, and Mage Dragon power scaling is weird, considering they are an alternate Divine Dragon in FE6, and they get a buff in FE6 or something(the whole.... disturbing ability to create War Dragons)

As a comparison while Idoun is admitably pathetic in FE6, a Demon/Mage Dragon is the same boss that Marth 2RKO in the semi final chapter in FE6, and the same mooks that get 2RKOes in final chapter before fighting Medeus.
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Nah, he didn't do his "As long as there is evil in men's heart" speal. That's like a trademark for him.
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