unless you are going for a gen 3 morgan, these are THE best marriages.

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3 years ago#151
SazukeEX posted...
Tatakai-No-Kami posted...
WebbOMG posted...
If not fathering Kjelle, Donnel is put to good use fathering Noire or Nah.
Considering that you've already chosen superior pairings for those two, I urge you to stick with Donnel!Kjelle.

Vaike!Kjelle, while also optimal, requires you to shift around several pairings you seem settled on.

yeah, thats what i didnt like. and donnel is honestly just mediocre for everyone. the only reason he can work for kjelle is because he gives her both galeforce and armsthrift.

for anyone else, his modifiers are just bad and most of his better choices dont even care for armsthrift.

Noire says hello.

Her mods with Donnel aren't really all that bad.

Kjelle being more physical makes more use out of Vaike than Noire is all.

I like him with Owain. The mods aren't ideal, but Galeforce/Armsthrift/Sol/Vantage/Wrath is a very nice skill set (plus Limit Breaker and Aggressor, of course).
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3 years ago#152
Tatakai-No-Kami posted...
taguel and manakete which are also great classes. manakete in particular is probably the best class in the whole game.

I... what?
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3 years ago#153
Skilled Sorcerer is the best.
Skilled General, Hero, and Berserker are also complete monsters as well.

Manakete is still amazing though.

Taguel however are pretty bad. 1-1 and not very awesome caps. Better odd reclassing Panne to WL and Yarne as Berserker.
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3 years ago#154
Manakete is essentially a class that gets "free" Legendary Weapon, so its pretty close to being the best class in the game.

I will give the credit to Heroes though, maybe Zerker.

I want to also say Palladin but not many want to see that Olivia vs Sumia wars again
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3 years ago#155
Endgame posted...

this is where I stopped reading

Stop being pig-headed.

Sumia!Lucina makes better use of Rightful King than any other RK user. You may not agree with the pairing but Chrom x Sumia is at least as viable as Chrom x Olivia.
The preceding were my own opinions and while I will stand and defend them, I always do my best to give both sides of any discussion a fair chance.
3 years ago#156
I think it actually made quite a cool Parenting distribution

Chrom as a Palladin supported Cynthia as a Palladin, while Sumia does duo Dark Flier with Lucina(Lucina get Aether and RFK to make them work)

Olivia!Lucina's only advantage over Sumia!Lucina is pretty much moot anyway
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3 years ago#157
My objection was not to Manakete, although Manakete is not the best class in the game. Sorcerer is pretty clearly the best class. Manakete is very good, though.

That said, Taguel... The only reason I won't declare Taguel is the absolute worst class in the game is because Sniper might be (or Villager, I guess, if you want to get technical). Those two classes are so much worse than all the rest that it's sick.
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3 years ago#158
nah. assassin lucina is probably the best assassin you can get

plus rightful king inigo if you like that. man if only rightful king inigo learned aegis. sol+pavise isn't bad though
3 years ago#159
Sniper had double bow

And yes, yet another class that Sumia!Lucina pull off rather well

Taking stones into question the parameter of Yarne is

Frederick!Yarne(Im lazy okay)

80 HP
45 STR
28 MAG
53 SKL
50 SPD
51 LCK
43 DEF
32 RES

Resulting in 55 ATK

okay thats sucks. Next

"assassin lucina"

You are trading off 9+ defense for 6 skl and 2 SPD(this speed being overkill)
Real Metal bounces their breast. Deal with it
3 years ago#160
i like the beaststone+, but i admit that taguel suffers a bit more than the high tier classes. although, calling it the worst class in the game is a big stretch. that honor goes to war monks/war clerics. the valkyrie in this game is also really terrible, although its somewhat useable in other fire emblem games.

using yarne as a class that wields weapons is not a bad call. he's just really difficult to make into a front liner without actually sacrificing something important to do it. the pair up boosts from taguel are also pretty good, so hes a good supporter.
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  3. unless you are going for a gen 3 morgan, these are THE best marriages.

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