unless you are going for a gen 3 morgan, these are THE best marriages.

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Lurkerkiller posted...
When Snipers are at their best....

Sniping enemies in TSON with a Double Bow (the 2-3 range A rank bow) and allowing their pairup partner to dual strike with braves and kill enemies.

Extremely effective against Anna as well who has like a 65% Aether activation and counter and cannot retaliate at range 3.

This is how I planned my Cynthia lol
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SazukeEX posted...

Snipers aren't really that great even with Gale Force but at least they're workable than while no Gale Force on Sniper = Don't Even Bother.

Awakenings map design and abundance of a ton of fliers and 1-2 range enemies makes being an Archer Class type a living hell.

With normal terrain all 8 move units wont be able to reach Sniper units if they flee with Galeforce from 3 range. They can still hit them with 2 range weapons but thats good since you can then counterattack. 6 move units will never catch them.

E_-__-_ S 1 2 3 4 5 6
E_1_2__3 4 5 6 7 8

#s = movement turns.
_there for proper spacing to see easier that there is 1 more space for Snipers than 8 move units.

EDIT: Actually I think they can 1 range them now that I think of it :l oh well they still beat 6 move units and you still have Rallies
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Tatakai-No-Kami posted...
also, i'll concur with paladin being a better support in the long run. being misinformed about the +5 stat thing pretty much nullified the point i had made earlier. they give +2 to 4 different stats, adding up to a total +7 in 4 different things

I admit, I also misunderstood this until rather recently. I had assumed the A-S support bonuses gave the +2 to all stats and not just the 2-4 different stats modified specifically by class pair-up.

I had to go back and re-write my own planned TSON pairings after this revelation.
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idk if TSON is even going to be that difficult. i havent watched any footage or seen any spoiler info on it in the hopes that it will actually be a good challenge, but i'm pretty sure that optimized children with rally and pair up will already be too much for the cpu to handle.
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tson enemies is a joke....
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Well, I'll just say what I always say. You could do all this fancy hit and run crap with a Sniper and take 2-3 times as long to finish the battle, or you could put a Sorcerer there and let the enemies kill themselves. I understand that the Sniper way might be more fun for yo, but its definitely inferior.
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Also, I kind of enjoy that this whole thread has been people telling TC why he wrong about things, right from like the second post.
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This is actually a pretty good list(Vaike!Inigo excluded)

The majority of the thread is actually a Sumia vs Olivia wars, with Olivia "winning" in an overly complicated and ridiculously idiotic assumption that will never happen if you have anything close to a workable brain cell
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Which is dumb, because Sumia is obviously better. :)
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Ehh I rather not start another war. One day is enough
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