who's your MU's Wife/Husband??

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3 years ago#41
I've spent 20 years on my favourite character in the series (maybe 2nd fav compared to Marth).
Either way, the answer is (and always will be)....
3 years ago#42
Tiki, I married all my units based on which ones I felt they most naturally accustomed to. Like Vaike Brady, who can't keep his weapon XD.

But my second play thru I'll probably marry based in maximum skill allocation. Don't know if MU should marry Chrom or Walhart...
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3 years ago#43
Male MU: Say'ri
Female MU: Chrom
3 years ago#44
My waifu is nah :3.
It's game time.
3 years ago#45
Hmm after a couple more playthroughs I found my marriage ratio to be

3 Miriel: 1 Tharja: 1 Tiki for MaMU

1 Gerome: 1 Henry: 1 Chrom for FeMU

and I am currently blitzing through another playthrough to marry Priam/Paris

So I would say Miriel has consistently had the highest percentage of being my spouse by 37.5% making Miriel my most favorable wife.
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3 years ago#46
It should be Noire, but events always conspire to keep us apart.

Namely, my female Avatars aren't allowed to marry her, and my male Avatar marries Tharja instead because I'd like for Morgan to not be an only child.

But Noire is always my wife in spirit (okay, not for male MU because that'd be gross. that's another reason I hate male MU).
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3 years ago#47
First playthrough was Tharja, second was Chrom for FeMU, third one on Lunatic is gonna be Nowi for them superketes.
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3 years ago#48
Chrom and Tiki
3 years ago#49
The tactician has a name, you know! Its ROBIN.

ROBIN married Lucina.
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3 years ago#50
Anna in first play, then Cordelia, then Lissa.
As female MU, Chrom, Ricken(don't judge me!), and finally Walhart for the fact I had a build 2 Avatar.
Yeah, I do build 1-2-3 plays. Though build 3 male looks weird.
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