A good Fire Emblem to get to replace Path of Radiance.

#1okamhunitePosted 4/25/2013 7:09:47 PM
I love this series and I own two games, those being Fire Emblem on GBA and this. I want Path of Radiance but lack sufficient amounts of money to buy it considering it's like 80 bucks. So what are the other great Fire Emblem games? I believe I own every system that a FE game has appeared on other than Wii so what are the other amazing games in the series that I could play?
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I hear good things about Blazing Sword(just Fire Emblem over here).
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Blazing Sword or Sacred Stones are good picks.
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Seeing as you own 7 and 13, by your admission, and 9's too pricey while 10's not on the right system...

...that leaves 8 and 11. 11, Shadow Dragon, is a spiffed-up remake of where the series began, but it is incredibly bare-bones everything-wise, lacking most of the modern mechanics, and most chapters can be skipped with a Warp Staff.

8, Sacred Stones, is quite similar to Awakening in that there's a world map with monster ambushes and some replayable maps for oodles of EXP. Several classes have skills, branched promotions exist for everyone save Eirika and Ephraim, and the difficulty's not that rough. There are also "secret" characters, most of whom died during the main story, who have no Supports with anyone and no dialogue at all, really.
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"other great Fire Emblem games" implies PoR is great and/or a real Fire Emblem
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