can 1 person marry 2 different people?

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EchoPhoenix posted...
Primum_Mobile posted...
he meant the battle save available in casual mode, i think. But it doesn't pertain to you, since that's not what went wrong in your case.

well, live and learn.

He could still have meant the Bookmark, since Bookmark saves will count for the Support Log, while not keeping anything permanent on the actual save file after you reload. So you can get an S Support, recruit the child and do the child-parent Support, then reload and repeat for the rest of the child-parent combinations.

Only matters if you're full on save files and doing it on a Classic save file, but still.

didn't know that, but that makes sense.

miruki posted...
I'm sorry you wasted 200 hours, even tho I don't understand how it's possible to put 200 hours into this game

...because he didn't?
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This topic sounds hot and should be accompanied by related images.
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Primum_Mobile posted...

...because he didn't?

My mistake then, I seriously saw a third zero there... XD

I don't see the big deal over 20 hours tho, that's not even a day - and this is coming from a busy single mum who is working her ass off while trying to raise her child properly. But even I could fit 20 hours of gaming into one weekend.

He could simply finish the game as it is now and do a 2nd playthrough afterwards... I mean, isn't this game kinda meant to be played twice or more.. ? And you can skip basically everything anyway.

I still don't see how it's the game's fault. :P
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Well, you shouldn't need to marry someone to have kids.

And characters like Virion should be able to S rank 2 women at a time. ;)
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g_digital posted...
well this game sucks then, now i cant 100% the game and i wasted 20 hours...

You can't 100% it in one run anyway. Just do it on your next run.

Why do people insist on making gaming such a chore anyway?
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g_digital posted...
well this game sucks then, now i cant 100% the game and i wasted 20 hours...

Not sure what the problem is. Just do it on a second playthrough. Lacking one character won't kill you.