So .. Who is the worst unit in this game ?

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User Info: fatelord

3 years ago#1
With second seals they aren't gonna be as sucky as they can eventually reach their caps .. So skill sekection is thre judge here ..

Virion ? Laughable selection saved somewhat by the dread fighter skills ..

Cherche ? Seriously .. Wyvern and cleric ?
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User Info: supershyguy65

3 years ago#2

User Info: GoldenPower89

3 years ago#3
I agree. Ricken.
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User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
3 years ago#4

Probably the worst class selection of any unit and his durability is pretty poor.

User Info: FefnirOmega13

3 years ago#5
From a personal standing point, Virion.

I just... I could never use him. I h8 base class archers. They do nothing but contribute supporting damage to other characters but never seem to get any kills, which just makes them really bad in the long run... :/

Objectively speaking, I dunno, though.
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User Info: andodel

3 years ago#6
Tie for virion and ricken, Noire starts out as a lv 10 archer and her stats were all at least. 10+ better than my low leveled virion sniper. Ricken was good at first, but his stats didn't keep up, so I benched him.
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User Info: 1998_z

3 years ago#7
Ricken, despite him sucks as a physical unit, at least gets access to Luna.

Cherche has Renewal, a pretty nice skill to net from War Cleric. Considering her mods, despite having highest female Str mod but -1 Spd and Skl sorta hurts but eh, she didn't think it's really crucial anyway.

Virion at least could grant some nice skills(-breaker skills and Deliverer). And I haven't played the game yet but people say Snipers are pretty crucial in Lunatic. Plus, I like him personally.

Since I don't have the game yet I couldn't give my full opinion but I don't think there's the worst unit, just not so great like others.
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User Info: Legendary_Musas

3 years ago#8
Virion is awesome, he was the first of my units to consecutively get 2 hits and he's great at counterattacking other Archers and Mages.

User Info: Meganium7

3 years ago#9

I like the guy but his skill set is awful, and no activation abilities.

User Info: CaptainGordon

3 years ago#10
If were talking max stats and a selection of any skills from their pool, I doubt there can really be one 'worst' unit. Just a bunch of units who are all outclassed by some of the children, Chrom, Avatar, etc.

In terms of usefulness through the campain; Virion joins early on, and is the only bow user you get for a while, at least without master/second sealing someone. So he fills his own niche for a while!

Ricken on the other hand is underlevelled when he joins, and you already have a better mage by then (Miriel has better growths in the stats that count) so he's doesnt really fill as much of a gap.

So out of those 2, Id say Ricken is worse!
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