How should I pair the children?

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I already got most of them only 1 is pending and the other needs to wait for the father to max out so has better stats on recruitment.

Sumia!Lucina!Morgan (anything)
Chrom!Cynthia (Sage, DF, or Paladin)
Henry!Owain (Sage, Sorcerer, Trickster[+7 Mag, +6 Skl, +8 Spd, +1 Move pair up])
Frederick!Gerome (Paladin, General, or Hero)
Donnel!Kjelle (General, Hero, DF)
Ricken!Laurent (Sage, Sorceror[I prefer not to use Sorc on him though])
Libra!Brady (War Monk, Sage)
Kellam!Nah (Manakete)
Gaius!Noire (Sniper, Sorceror, DF)
Virion!Inigo (Sniper, Hero, Sage, Assassin)

Stahl!Severa (idk as I havent gotten her yet)
Gregor!Yarne (^)

Classes in () are the classes I'm willing to use, so pair up wise and support wise who should go with who? Only thing I kinda want is Morgan x Inigo.
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Perhaps more people are on now? Didnt do many supports so really its more up to pair ups and supports rather than optimization.
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