Nuclear Bomb Kjelle and Jet Fighter Gerome (with video)

#1CyradisPosted 4/27/2013 9:32:41 AM
Just thought you guys might like to see a short video I filmed of my two favourite characters.

Each of them individually are capable of soloing maps, but when you put them together they can do some ridiculous things, particularly since they have an S rank relationship.

Photos of stats:

Video of them in action:

First up is the transport, I call him Jet Fighter Gerome. As you can see in the image, he has Acrobat, which is useless. This is because I had literally just reclassed him from Ninja.

But what he has doesn't really matter. He really is just the transport and the dual guard/attack support, which is something Nuclear Bombs don't really need.

He has Deliverer and movement +1 for +3 movement total, and has used boots for another +2, resulting in a total of +13 movement. He also has pass so he can fly through any enemy units without having to path around them.

Our second character is Nuclear Bomb Kjelle. She has Galeforce, Pavise, Aegis, Swordbreaker and Astra. 99% of the time she uses hand axes. This is what her abilities grant her with Gerome on support (42 skill):

21% to attack five times. Against your standard enemies that means you have a 42% chance to attack seven times (two attacks as standard). It means you have a 4% chance to attack ten times. All of these attacks can be crits. I rarely see anything survive past the third attack. She one shots basically anything.

She has both Pavise and Aegis. This means that if anything can get past the 36% physical dual guard and 22% magic guards that kick in even if you manage to get past her 91% avoidance, then there's a 42% chance that she'll take half damage. From any attack (Pavise and Aegis cover them all).

She has swordbreaker for an additional 50% hit and avoidance against her weapon weakness while using throwing axes, meaning sword users basically can't hit her.

Finally, and most fun, she has Galeforce. If you send these two characters together into a map, alone, they can do some impressive things.

One: Pair up (Gerome leading, and fly towards the furthest enemy on route to your location (up to 13 squares away)
Two: Switch in Kjelle, one shot the enemy with a throwing axe. Galeforce kicks in.
Three: Move another 7 Squares (9 if you equip her with Deliverer instead of swordbreaker). Your Nuclear bomb has now been deployed 22 squares behind enemy lines.

Hence Jet Fighter Gerome and Nuclear Bomb Kjalle.

This is the point where she generally gets swarmed, nullifies every attack made against her and counters everything but longbows and Mire. She can literally clear a whole map in 1-2 turns reliably. Every turn she also manages to kill two enemies without the use of counter attacks, thanks to Galeforce.

So what do you guys think? These two have fast become my favorite characters.
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not to break your bubble but alot of people have been using gerome just as transport for slow tanky characters like nah or kjelle since last year
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kukingina2 posted...
not to break your bubble but alot of people have been using gerome just as transport for slow tanky characters like nah or kjelle since last year

Who cares? It came out a week ago here in the UK and if you look on youtube I can't find a single video of Gerome and anyone in combat in that capacity.