Is there a way to made Frederick not suck?

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A bit of advice: Don't re-class Freddy until he makes Lv15 Great Knight.
He is great as a supporting Paladin and you'll be glad you have that Dual Guard+ when he's playing that role.
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WhiteTigerShiro posted...
MarioLinkGenofa posted...
Get him to level 5 for Luna
Reclass him to Cav
Got to 20 then promote to Pally
Congrats, Freddy is now one of your best units.

More like "Congrats, you've now wasted 20 levels NOT earning any new Skills". Fredrick's problem isn't in gaining levels, so reclassing him to Cav and going to 20 isn't going to do anything for him. His problem is his horrifyingly low growth rates that will have him get quickly out-paced by the rest of the army.
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Wow that's quite a bump we have.
Also, that post was not worth acknowledging, but thanks for proving him wrong so beautifully where I felt lazy.
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