Is it okay to find Nowi attractive?

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....OKAY! HOLD ON A SEC! DONT PICK UP THAT PHONE!! Dont go calling Hanson! She's like 100 years old, right? She's not human so she's totally OVERaged!

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it starts
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I thought she was around thousand years old.
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Anime is saved -
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She's 1000.

It depends on what you mean by "okay." If by "okay" you mean legally, then yes. It's "okay."

If by "okay" you mean socially acceptable, then probably not. Show a picture of Nowi to one of your friends and say you want to hit that. Twice. Don't give them any context about who the character is, and count the seconds before they tell you you're a bit of a creep.
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Seek help if you start feeling the urge to try and find a real life Nowi.
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Lack of endowment makes nowi a nah.
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This is Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC. He wants you have a
seat over there.