Leveling up weaker characters

#1JadeDragoon7Posted 5/1/2013 12:33:15 AM
Let's say the Donnel stage. Do I throw Donnel onto Freddrick or throw Freddrick onto Donnel and just finish off weakened enemies?

Also I have the EU version so is there any spot pass or dlc I can grind on?
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If you don't mind waiting until later, you can buy things called Reeking Boxes, which summon Risen to the field map. So, you can choose an earlier chapter's map, stand there, and summon Risen. They should be at a level that's appropriate for that chapter in the game. Thus, allowing weaker characters to fight, otherwise yeah, weaken units and let the weaker characters finish them off.
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JadeDragoon7 posted...
Let's say the Donnel stage. Do I throw Donnel onto Freddrick or throw Freddrick onto Donnel and just finish off weakened enemies?

Also I have the EU version so is there any spot pass or dlc I can grind on?

If you want to train Donnel, use the EXPonential Growth DLC map. Donnel will probably gain a whole level for each kill.
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#4HaruhiryuPosted 5/1/2013 12:47:05 AM
With Donnel's paralogue...I would either have Donnel follow characters (one's who can't KO, but can do major damage to the enemies)...or put Kellam with Donnel (Donnel as main) since they have supports...I think Donnel (main) with Frederick should be fine too, but I'm not sure how well their support would be...

...on training...I would say reeking boxes...or do spotpass...go to wireless, battle box, and then decide which past FE fighters you would want to battle. If you're leveling people up, choose FE fighters with HP that is lower than yours...most likely those teams will be easy enough to fight [hope this explanation made sense ><;;; ]
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Assuming you aren't using DLC here.

If you want to make Donnel-training easier, you want to use a few Reeking Boxes(you can buy them from The Longfort), and MAYBE forge him a weapon if you're not confident in his ass-kicking abilities. If it's in the Chapter itself, you DO want to have him Pair Up with a character that gives Defense(Kellam and Frederick come to mind) and have him pick off stragglers(If you trained Virion, the archers are good for this: they'll shoot Virion and get mauled, so Donny can whack them upside the head and claim victory).

This generally lasts up until he reclasses into another class(his alts are Fighter and Mercenary, both of which have their ups and their downs). I personally reccomend spending some time in both classes wether you decide to go one or the other: Fighters learn Zeal(a modest boost to one's crit-rate) and Mercenaries learn Armsthrift(a Luck-riggered skill that, if it turns on, disables weapon degeneration for that attack). Since Donnel has a very good Luck base or growth, he meshes VERY well with Armsthrift, and critting more is never a bad thing, making Zeal a good thing to put on him too.
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What I do:

In Donnel's paralogue, I pair him up with either Frederick or Kellam. Kellam makes Donnel's bases somewhat usable, enabling him to actually survive a hit. Then, I feed him the archers in the paralogue as much as possible. I think two archers are enough for a level up, but of course, additional levels don't hurt.

Once recruited, pair up, Donnel and Kellam definitely, to really benefit from their supports. Also, use your money to forge Donny a super bronze lance. That way, he can take a hit(not too well at first, but you only need ten levels anyway) and hit hard enough to actually kill stuff.
Once he reaches level 10, use your very first second seal on Donny. What you reclass him to shouldn't matter too much, but I found mercenary slightly more useful for more speed and Armsthrift.
Once reclassed, he can stand on his own two feet like any other unit you have by that point. Kellam is still recommended until Donnel's prefered marriage partner appears.

With this 'plan' I have managed to successfully train Donny without skirmish or reeking box abuse on every single playthrough. It's not all that hard, and well worth it.