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3 years ago#211
Dragunov_Zero posted...
Spitz_of_TFF posted...
Dragunov_Zero posted...
C_D_M posted...
Anna must really, really love you guys.

Hehehe, it seems she was pleased by my offerings...>=D

Proly helps that I married her. xD

Married her on my first run of Lunatic+, cleared the main story and Spotpass maps at the time in 2 weeks (this was around the time where that Lunatic+ chapter 1-3 guide came out) =P

I married her and she cursed my FESS run to have Neimi die 5 times from the same archer (;_;) probably cause I had a harem with her sisters but that's beside the point
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3 years ago#212
You step into the path toward without hesitating. The others follow your lead. As you come into the main chamber, you stop. Jessup stands by the entrance, holding a torch, illuminating the room.

There are three colossal Risen. The look similar to normal revenants, but easily ten feet tall. They have several patches of armor, with various amounts of damage. Arrows and burn marks cover their skin, but they fight on as if they aren't hurt in the least.

Lane faces off with one Risen, catching its slash with her sword. The Risen raises its other arm, bringing it down to smash her. She raises her sword over her head, bracing it with both hands. She falls to one knee, barely managing to hold her blade against the blow. Rowan lunges forward, stabbing the Risen in the stomach. The Risen releases his blow, swinging at Rowan as Lane regains her feet. He dodges the blow as Lane backs into a defensive stance.

In the center, Bud is barraging one of the beasts with arrows. It moves at him as if annoyed, but Wendy intercepts it, her slashes biting into its flesh. It growls and swings at her. She easily dodges the first blow, but doesn't notice it follow up with its other arm. The blow hits her and she bounces along the floor, skidding to a halt beside Bud.

Haley and Ferris are fighting the last Risen, circling around it to keep it between them. Every time it lunges at one of them, the other tears into its back. When the Risen makes a low scooping swing at Haley, grazing her armor, Ferris leaps onto its back, stabbing his killing edge into its back and hoisting himself onto its shoulders. He takes out his slim sword and wraps it around the Risen's neck. The Risen begins flailing, thrashing at its back, but unable to reach him.

Who do you help first?

(A) Rowan/Lane
(B) Bud/Wendy
(C) Haley/Ferris
(D) Split up (Choose who goes where)
3 years ago#213
B. Sounds like they need more help.
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3 years ago#214
I think we should split up.... Ferris and Haley sound fine at the moment, so lets send June and Ali to Bud and Wendy, and then the others to Rowan and Lane.
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3 years ago#215
Poor Wendy, she keeps on getting best up. We better go help her.
Those are brave men out there. Let's go kill them!
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3 years ago#216
D- Have Rain and Allisa back up Bud/Wendy while we join up with Rowan/lane and have the rest join up Haely/Farris
I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand I shall reap the sins of this world and cleanse it in the fires of destruction
3 years ago#217
Yeesh... Anna giveth, and Anna taketh away...
You realize Bud and Wendy need the most help, and you think massing your forces to focus each Risen one at a time is the best option. You position yourself between Bud and the Risen. Bud leaps in surprise when you appear, loosing an arrow that nearly hits you, but instead buries itself in the Risen. "J-June! Perfect timing." You turn and flash him a smile, before facing the Risen. A faint aura appears around Wendy, and she slowly struggles to her feet as you rush at the beast.

Bud and Syrene fire a constant stream of arrows, while Agni hurls fireball after fireball. You throw a hand axe before charging with your steel axe, hacking at its leg. Alyssa runs partway up the beast's other leg before kicking off with a slash across its chest. Rain is using her physic staff to heal Lane, and is too busy to help. Wendy shakes her head, before running at the Risen with her sword. "June!" she yells, and you crouch down. She jumps off your back, springboarding towards the Risen's head. "You're wasting my time!" she shouts, impaling the Risen's skull with her sword. The Risen falls backward, dissolving underneath her, and she gracefully rolls to her feet.

You look to the other groups. Rowan and Lane seem to be holding theirs in check. The Risen still flails hopelessly at Ferris, who is now holding onto the Risen with one arm while frantically stabbing with his sword. As he stabs the sword into the beast's neck, it suddenly leaps backward, slamming into a wall. You gasp, and the creature steps forward. You can see Ferris slowly sliding down the wall. Jessup quickly runs over, along with the rest of your team, but the creature leaps at Haley with surprising dexterity. Instead of leaping back, she charges forward, slipping between its legs.

Jessup begins healing Ferris, and you are thankful to hear him release a weak groan. Rain continues to heal Lane and Rowan's injuries with her physic staff while the rest of you begin swarming at the Risen. Agni calls out to you, and you're surprised to see your steel axe burning red-hot. With a smile and a shout, you cleave through the creature's thigh. It roars in pain, and falls to the ground. Alyssa deftly sidesteps as it falls, holding her blade right in the path of the creature's neck. The momentum of its fall severs its head easily. You realize your axe has been horribly deformed by the maneuver, and you discard it.
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3 years ago#218
As you turn to face the final Risen, your stomach sinks. Lane is down to one knee, trying to rise using her sword. The Risen has latched onto Rowan, who struggles futilely to stab it with his spear. The creature lifts him by the neck, and he drops his spear, instead grabbing the creature's giant hand, attempting to pry it off. "Pa!" you yell, sprinting to join the fight.

"Rowan!" you hear Bud yell. Rain echoes him, throwing her staff to the side and drawing her sword. Everyone is running towards the abomination, but the three of you are far ahead. With a roar, the creature stabs its free hand into Rowan's stomach. He retracts his hand, then slings him around and hurls him at you. He falls short, skidding along the ground. He comes to rest in front of you, and you drop to your knees at his side.

"J-Junebug? Is that... you?"

You can feel tears in your eyes. "Hang on, Pa, just hang on..."

"It's too late, Junebug... I'm off to see yer mother... You be a good girl, alright?" Rain and Bud stare in horror; he turns to them. "You two... take care of her for me..." With that, he closes his eyes.

What happens next is a blur. Everything seems to run together until you reach the cave exit, the bright light rousing you from your daze. As the last of your party exits, Syrene slams the gate closed. She stands there a moment, her back to you, before rejoining your party.

"What happened here?" Rain asks.

Alyssa starts. "A few days ago, those bandits grabbed my little brother while he was gather wood in the forest... I was so worried about Jessup... They told me that if I didn't help them attack the village and open the mine for them, they'd kill him." Guilt flashes in her eyes as she looks down at the ground.

Syrene pauses for a moment, trying to compose herself. "The bandits attacked... yesterday afternoon, it must have been. A few of us made a break for the mine, thinking we could hide, but..."

Agni interjects. "They made anyone they found in the village thrown into the mine. I had the misfortune of being a traveler through this town at the bad time."

Syrene hesitates, then continues. "They threw in a few of the dead villagers, as well... At first, we dug some weapons out of the storeroom, planning to fight back. We were going to attack at night, when the dastards would be off-guard, but... The dead villagers..." You realize she is shaking with anger.

Agni pats her on the back. "You have seen what they became. We fought as many of them as we possible, but their numbers were too much greater than our own. So many have been made to die in that accursed mine..."

Syrene looks Rain in the eye. "You fight them, don't you? Those... things, and bandits. Let me join you. I want revenge."

Agni steps forward. "I would like to be coming as well. I am having to travel to many foreign lands for my training, and I would be feeling much safer in a group, even if I am having to fight."

Alyssa joins in. "If they're going, so am I. I owe you one for saving Jessup... Plus, I feel like I need to... I don't know... redeem myself? Just don't expect me to work for free."

Rain nods. "Very well. We need all the help we can get, especially now that Rowan's..." She looks away.

A panicked expression washes over Jessup. "W-wait! I-if my sister's going, then so am I!"

"Jessup, no. It's going to be dangerous!"

"I... I won't let you fight alone, I don't want you to be... Besides, I'll just stay behind everyone and heal them. It'll make it easier for you to keep an eye on me, won't it!?" Alyssa sighs and nods, and Rain gives Jessup a weak smile.

With that, you begin the long, quiet march back to Trine.
End of chapter 4
3 years ago#219
Damn.... we should have split up..
If I ever had a kid, I'd want a daughter like Morgan. Y'know, one who tries to lure me into pitfall traps. ~~C_D_M
3 years ago#220
New character!
Class: Priest
Weapons: Staff
Skills: Miracle
HP: **
Str: *
Skill: *
Speed: ***
Def: *
Res: ***
Luck: **
Items: Mend staff, torch

New character!
Skills: Darksight (elminates penalty for fighting in dim lighting), vengeance
HP: **
Str: **
Mag: *
Skill: ***
Speed: ****
Def: **
Res: *
Luck: **
Items: Steel sword, concoction

New character!
Class: Archer
Weapons: Bow, knife
Skills: +Knife (allows use of knives), patience
HP: **
Str: ***
Mag: *
Skill: ***
Speed: ***
Def: **
Res: *
Luck: ****
Items: Steel bow, iron knife, vulnerary

New character!
Class: Fire Mage
Weapons: Fire tome
Skills: Sol
HP: **
Str: *
Mag: ****
Skill: **
Speed: **
Def: **
Res: ***
Luck: **
Items: Fire tome, elfire tome

Rowan was killed...
Lane is exhausted
Ferris is exhausted

Just so you know, with my system, splitting up wouldn't have guaranteed anyone's survival, it just boosted their odds. With how poorly Rowan did, you'd have needed... Well, suffice to say he was pretty much screwed.

Might as well pick our supports and whatnot before the next plot post. Here's what's available.

(A) June/Rain B
(B) June/Ferris C
(C) June/Alyssa C
(D) June/Syrene C
(E) June/Agni C
(F) Rain/Wendy C
(G) Bud/Wendy C
(H) Bud/Syrene C
(I) Haley/Ferris C
(J) Wendy/Agni C
(K) Lane/Ferris C
(L) Alyssa/Jessup C
(M) Alyssa/Syrene C
(N) Jessup/Agni C
(O) Syrene/Agni C
(P) Research Risen

Choose... Oh, let's say 9.
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