apparently my Sumia got to level 20 as a Cleric without gaining any weapon exp

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The only way it's possible is not CoY3, but Lunatic!Challenge! vs. Mist or someone, in which case it's a normal case of spam Rescue, but you don't get WXP.

IF the TC is telling the truth about it being CoY grinding, it's merely a dumb glitch.

I don't think there's anyone who's insane enough to do that with Spotpass teams on Lunatic/+ for arbitrary things like this (at least I hope not...). It's the latter, but I still thought it was funny.

davidledsma posted...
Why is Sumia a Cleric?

Grinding her quickly while leaving her internal level low, because rescue stave abuse takes very little effort and I wanted her to gain some more Mag (she ended up gaining only 2 in 20 levels, woo). It's on a Lunatic+/Classic file where I wanted to finalize my marriages for the postgame maps/skirmishes and am not planning on using overly grinded characters like Sumia for most of the campaign, though I don't care if I still end up trivializing too many maps since I just wanted to see what the mode is like.

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Looks like Photoshop to me. That E rank part looks somewhat clearer than the rest of the pic.

That's a reasonable assumption, but I set the camera to focus on that section (which was probably a silly thing to do). I'd never waste my time photoshopping something like this for arbitrary reasons. I was wondering if anyone else had something like this happen to them, even though it's completely pointless.
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...I just now realized that she's a level 16 War Cleric who apparently gained stave exp once, but is still E rank in staves despite being leveled with only Rescue staves. I'm so confused.
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How is this possible?

Sumia. If she can mess it up, she will. XD

Seems to be the case, huh?
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Scumbag Sumia.