So I was thinking... (Fred x Cordelia)

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It's good but Freddy-Bear gives Cordelia a sad ending. All her other endings she's happy, but not this one.

In their B support, Cordelia accepted Fred's offer to handle one of her biggest weakness, while she tried to escape it by lollovetalk, which resulted in said B support not being mentioned until the freaking ending

If you want to really handle your weakness, of course its going to be hard


The ending though... She's so unhappy.

Forced to ruin her potential because Freddy-Bear is a Jagen.
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They are both a Jagen. Doesn't matter

Not to mention she outright accepted Fred's offer to train the Ylissean soldiers, something that she also mentioned that it is one of her weakness. Yes, its freaking hard to make up for your weakness, she want it and she get it, so I don't see the problem

Also implying you can't have a happy life and a hard job at once
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But she isn't happy because training means she no longer can be awesome and must be unawesome because the trainees all blow.
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That was she give way to several trainee who will become awesome

Like her daughter
Or the children

You can't become awesome forever, that's life. Marcus show us that you can become awesome even without going into hax "break 2 games in a row" route
Real Metal bounces their breast. Deal with it
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They've got so much in common, though! I mean, they're both Chrom-sexuals that Chrom won't sleep with. In some ways, it's a perfect match.

This. It's really the only right choice if you're not min-maxing kids. Their mutual hero-worship of Chrom binds them together.
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I know that but making those saps into less than bad saps doesn't make her happy. >_>
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