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3 years ago#1
Well the turn out was suprisingly great. There were a total of 431 votes. And through out the day I'm going to anounce the characters and their ranking. Unfortunately there were a lot of ties, and a few characters that didn't even get a vote. (You will find out who they are soon)
3 years ago#2
17. Sully (1 vote)-She is a huge tomboy. She could practically pass of as a guy which is why I am not suprised with her ranking.
17. Female Avatar (1 vote)- I expected her to have more votes, but it turns out those unattractive voices turned a lot of people away.
17. Emmeryn (1 vote)-Turns out the kind exault, also gas an attractive side.
17. Naga (1 vote)-The divine dragon isn't just worshiped in the game but outside it too.
3 years ago#3
how the hell did Sully win...

edit: oh apparently I misread pretty much all of the posts and she's actually in 17th, all is right in the world.
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3 years ago#4
Sully wins?

Hell yes

Hottest gen 1 ftw
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3 years ago#5
16. Miriel (2 votes)-If she didn't use such big words, she would probably be more attractive.
16.Panne (2 votes)-It seems people like bunnies in other ways I do.
16. Say'Ri (2 votes)- Princess of Chron'Sin. Her boring personality hindered her.
16. Cynthia (2 votes)-Suprised she isn't higher. She is so cute.
16. Nah (2 votes)-To the people who voted for her. What other strange things do you look at online that involve children? I'm on to you.

16. Cervantes (1 vote)- His moustache is awsome
16. Brady (1 vote)- Poor Brady. He deserved more than one vote. You made him cry!
16. Male Morgan (1 vote)- Well It appears not much fell for the smile.
16. Wallhart (1 vote)-The conqueror had a small conquest here.
16. Grima (1 vote)- Well apparently the fell dragon is smokin'. Well duh,He is you
3 years ago#6
Sully didn't win this is from last place to first
3 years ago#7
Well, Sully should have won. Fitness chicks FTW.
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3 years ago#8
Now watch asTharja or Cordelia gets 1st.
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3 years ago#9
While Cynthia is ridiculously adorable, I think that's why she's so low. She's too adorable to be "hot." Now if it were attractive, then I'd be surprised that she's so low.

That said, only thing that's all that surprising is FeMU being so low.
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3 years ago#10
uuurrrggh posted...
Now watch asTharja or Cordelia gets 1st.

I doubt Cordy will get 1st. Tharja on the other hand...
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