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User Info: bearclaw13

3 years ago#21
delcidaelf posted...
I married Stahl.
Chrom's overrated.

Chrom is completely overrated.
What are you looking at?

User Info: CuTe_GaRmR

3 years ago#22

Unless if I'm going for a "serious" playthrough, probably Chrom!Inigo.

User Info: RDS1

3 years ago#23
I did marry Chrom, once.
I did marry Gangrel, once.
I did marry Walhart, once.
I'm never marrying a guy again.
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User Info: Altair718

3 years ago#24
I had married Frederick first, but then I restarted and married Chrom for plot reasons. After that it was:

Once I'm done support grinding, I'm doing a final FemMU with Frederick, story be darned.
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User Info: Kamiikorosu

3 years ago#25
Marrying FemaleMU ends with a great Lucina/Morgan, but it literally screws over so many other couples and other kids who could really use Chrom.
I highly recommend against marrying Chrom for that reason haha.

User Info: Tankadanka

3 years ago#26
I've only played through the game 3 times, and I always marry Gangrel.

Starting my new FeMU file in which I will try very hard not to marry Gangrel again in favour of a Henry!Brady!Morgan or Ricken!Laurent!Morgan but. . .

Chances are I'll just end up marrying Gangrel again. xD;

He's my fave and his epilogue is just too depressing when he's unmarried lol.
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User Info: Jedor1000

3 years ago#27
Henry. But it was admittedly because I just couldn't really figure out who I should take and he was the first S support.
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User Info: MinakoEXE

3 years ago#28
Priam, and Vaike!Gerome.
Married Chrom and Chrom!Inigo as well, I want to marry everyone at least once though.

User Info: StrawbearryMilk

3 years ago#29
Owain on my first. Gonna marry Chrom this time.

User Info: HeoandReo

3 years ago#30
My first game where I used a girl, I had her marry Henry. Next time, I'll probably marry Chrom or Walhart.

The story just gets so much better if you marry Chrom. There's just a lot more impact to be had when you hear Lucina say "I know this is matricide." I also heard that you also have a reference to Genealogy of the Holy War if you do that, with the second generation protagonists being something like Grima/Naga blood, like how the second gen protagonists in Genealogy are like Naga/Lopoto or however you spell it.
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