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3 years ago#1
This is the continuation of my CYOA on this board, "Age of the Sun." The other topic can be found here:

The Story so Far:

The world was once inhabited by billions of humans, who lived in harmony with dragon-kind. As a child, you were always told stories of the Great Dragon who lead a war across the earth, decimating the human population and leaving just ten tribes. The dragons fought amongst themselves, battling to determine the fate of humanity. In the end, man survived. Now, humans live split from North to South, lead by the Great Dragons Gotha and Rajha, who are constantly in bitter conflict over the deaths of their brothers.

Prideri was a Shaman, an apprentice Druid, nearing his graduation in the bustling Vredaini capitol of Comrie. The ceremony of his last day as an apprentice was interrupted by the sudden invasion of the neighbouring kingdom of Luhnag, light worshipping fanatics who tore away at Northern territory from the inside. Narrowly escaping with the Prince Mirthin, Prideri requests the aid of the Great Dragon Gotha in order to restore his homeland.

Now, with the spare forces of three nations, Prideri leads a rag-tag group to retake Vredain and the country alive in memory only, Iwernia. Currently, you are seizing Fort Hibernia from the calculating War Monk Hamm and his divine crusaders. Failure spells the completion of Rajha's plan for dominance over the North. Success could be the last chance at keeping balance between Darkness and Light.

Somewhere along the way you have encountered various supernatural entities known as the Fae and the Daemons. The treasure guarded by the Fae is a famously lucrative find for daring and powerful adventurers, but you were no match for one not a month ago and a Caco-Daemon named Formortiis has attempted to take control of your friend Lir, to no apparent success. These events aren't relevant to the main mission, but still weigh heavily on your mind.
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3 years ago#2

Prideri: You. An apprentice Druid from the mountainous Northern country of Vredain. Has short, sandy blonde hair, green eyes and a black robe with leather armour and chainmail underneath. His cape is held together by a crescent shaped torque. Currently the Tactician in the Vredain Liberation Army. 24 years old.

Rhea: Prideri's childhood friend. An apprentice Mage from Vredain with a mischievous streak. She has long, dark silver hair that covers part of her face. She wears a skirted robe with a knot tied into a ring holding it together. 22 years old.

Griffith: Former head magister of Vredain. A Grandmaster who found Prideri under the corpse of a nurse maid during the first Luhnag rebellion. He has longish black hair, a gaunt face and long dark robes covering iron armour and chainmail. 47 years old.

Mirthin: Prince of Vredain. A Lord whose father was considered a great hero, he has trouble living in his shadow. Puffy red hair with a green cloak and a gold-trimmed brown vestement. 17 years old.

Garth: General of Vredain. A Great Knight who served in his homeland Iwernia until the rebellion, he's been all around but rarely talks about it unless asked. Short blue hair with stylish sideburns and a goatee. He wears gray iron plate armour and heavy chainmail. 42 years old.

Erin: A Vredaini Soldier who has trouble speaking and communicating. Seems like a slacker, but actually very dedicated. She has short, pale green hair and emerald green eyes. She wears a brown cloak with a golden torque and has green iron armour over grey chainmail. 24 years old.

Emily: A Vredaini Cavalier who's outgoing and friendly with everyone. Always wanted to succeed Garth, a personal role model, as general of Vredain. Has bright red twin-tails with crimson eyes and shining red armour over bronze chainmail. Died as Myrmidon at 25 years old.

Norwenna: One of Mirthin's retainers. A Pegasus Knight who fled to Eastern Vredain sensing unrest from the cult of light. Mature and caring, but likes to tease. Long blonde hair with bright white armour and a parted blue dress. 39 years old.

Arth: "The Bear of Vredain." A Fighter who's seen many battles. Enjoys chaos and warfare. His brother is Morphanz. Curly red hair with a wide frame and plain clothes, save his leather half-guard. 39 years old.

Morphanz: Prideri's best friend from the temple. A Priest who doesn't take his religion too seriously, but can't refuse to help a person in need. He has curly red hair and a handome face, wearing plain white robes with a blue cloak. 24 years old.

Ketil: The former King of Jotlend. He pissed off too many nobles and got a bounty on his head by someone in Bregjar. He became a Bandit, but gave it up to join Prideri. Long blonde hair and a blonde beard with no shirt, just pants and a steel half-guard. 43 years old.

Anja: A Jottish village girl who made her living hunting. She protested the new rule and got nearly assassinated, but Ketil saves her and nurses her back to health. Pink hair in a ponytail and plain clothes with leather shoulder pads. 16 years old.

Bernard: A Thief from the slums of Bregjar. His family died at the hands of a demon called Formortiis. He's in love with a priestess named Hanna. Light brown hair with a tattered cloak and freckles. 21 years old.

Hanna: A Cleric from Bregjar who serves as a priestess from Gotha. Extremely shy, except around Bernard. Long dark hair parted to one end. 19 years old.
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(message deleted)
3 years ago#4
Those are brave men out there. Let's go kill them!
-Tyrion Lannister, Clash of Kings
3 years ago#5
Still More Characters

Oswald: Commander of the troops you received from Gotha. A Great Knight who's serious and devoted. Long, fierce green hair with green eyes and several scars. Wears blue armour over silver chainmail. 32 years old.

Wilhelm: Wyvern Rider from Bregjar who only associates with the strong. Medium silver hair in a ponytail with red armour and black chainmail. 27 years old.

Finan: A Swordmaster who left the cult of light to be a guardsman in the border town Badon. Long brown hair with a thick moustache and a parted blue robe with steel shoulder pads. 41 years old.

Lir: A Vredaini Shaman manipulated by Formortiis into killing his best friend, Meurig. Prideri helps him out. Short white hair with a plain black robe and a purple cloak. 15 years old.

Najin: Leader of the Radiant Dawn Mercenaries from the exotic country Sominia. Fascinated with foreign cultures. Long, thin dark hair with bare, broad shoulders. 29 years old.

Galahan: Prince of Ynnes Manodan. A Wyvern Lord who hates sour moods and loves to party and fight. Long, slick blue hair with eyes black as his armour and a yellow cloak. 23 years old.

Seren: A Trickster working as Galahan's spy. Aside from Galahan and Magnes, most people tend to not notice her unless she really wants them to. Short black hair with green eyes, draped in white from her feathered hat to her leather boots. 29 years old.

Magnes: A Bow Knight aligned with Ynnes Manodan. Although he was a peasant, he rose high in the rankings. Black hair with olive skin and stubble. Wears a white robe with an iron half guard. 28 years old.

Ishtar: A Wolfkin enslaved by Galahan's father Uther. Prideri bought her freedom and at the same time her loyalty. Won't say why she can't go back to her tribe. Long silver and black hair with a strange black vestement adorned with a blue cloth. Wolf ears and a tail. 78 years old, looks 25.

Gotha: An Earth Dragon who's lived since before humans came to be. He's one of the twelve Great Dragons and represents darkness and the night. As a man, he's dark skinned with thick gray sideburns and long gray hair. He has fearsome red eyes and a kingly black robe. Over 20000 years old.

Theodore: A Bishop who works in the library at Gothasverg. He promised you a book reserve when you return. Oily green hair with a daft expression and an ornate white robe. 32 years old.

Lobelin: The Great Dragon representing knowledge and learning, who gave Dragonkin their human guise and shepherded the Druids with his wisdom. MIA. Over 20000 years old.

Padraig: Mirthin's father who fought off Constantin's rebellion and once saved Vredain. Died in the invasion at 49 years old.

Taliesin: A mysterious Bard who promised to help Prideri when they meet again. Long blonde hair with piercing green eyes and a flowing white robe. Seems to know Garth. Age unknown.

Constantin: Emperor of Luhnag. A tactical genius and strong warrior who took Iwernia and part of Vredain in the name of the cult of the light. 53 years old.

Rory: Constantin's son, a Cavalier from the Luhnag Empire. Currently captured by Prideri. Short brown hair, blue eyes and gold armour with a green cloak. 22 years old.

Eileen: Sub Commander of Luhnag's Pegasus Knights. Medium blonde hair with blue armour and an orange skirt. 21 years old.

Karen: Eileen's best friend, a Myrmidon. Currently captured by Prideri. Long red hair in a braid with green eyes and sky blue armour. 21 years old.

Joachim: Karen's dad, a Hero and ambassador from Reman to Luhnag. Red Caesar cut with a beard and red eyes. 59 years old.

Gunhild: Joachim's wife. A Jottish convert to the cult of light who seems more devout than most. Long fair hair with bright blue eyes. 41 years old.
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3 years ago#6
(Sorry for the wait, had to drive through a no-service area. That's why the second character update had to come on a new post. And now back to our regularly schedueled program...)

Hamm opens his Aura tome, a light swirling around you. You barely manage to push Mirthin and Griffith aside, dodging the blast of Light Magic yourself. A Soldier right in front of you literally has his back evaporated, falling forward a husk leaking onto the floor. The enemy Generals and Warriors ready their weapons and you notice that a circle similar to the one caused by Hamm's Aura is forming in between them... It seems even stronger than Hamm's single attack. You have to act now.

A. Send your Soldiers and Knights, lead by Ketil, to charge the casters while Najin and Griffith lead the Radiant Dawn Mercenaries and Ynnes Manodan's Myrmidons to flank and protect the soldiers from the enemy Generals and Warriors. Pair up with Ishtar to fight the boss.

B. Join Griffith and Najin with the Radiant Dawn Mercenaries to engage the Generals and Warriors while the Soldiers and Knights rush the enemy Monks and Ishtar and Ketil take on Hamm.

C. Make your own plan. (You have 10 Knights, 5 Generals, 10 Soldiers, 5 Mercenaries, 5 Heroes and 15 Myrmidons at your disposal. Plus yourself, Ketil, Najin, Griffith and Ishtar.)
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3 years ago#7
A for Ishtar pair up fight!

Also, I think you might have lost some people from the first topic since there was no link in the last post directing them to this one.
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3 years ago#8
Lol of course there's a post as soon as I bump. Yeah, I dun goofed and posted a bad link, couldn't edit the message.
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3 years ago#9
A for wolves.
Those are brave men out there. Let's go kill them!
-Tyrion Lannister, Clash of Kings
3 years ago#10
A- For that sounds better than anything I could come up with.
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