Think of your Birthday Before Entering.

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User Info: Rockman47

3 years ago#1
Now you are having a big birthday celebration with the three FE: Awakening characters closest to your birthday. Here is a list of the character's birthday dates:


Gaius - 2
Say'ri - 11
Severa - 21
Gregor - 27


Priam - 9
Miriel - 12
Brady - 22
Tiki - 28


Lissa - 4
Yarne - 14
Gangrel - 16
Nah - 29


Tharja - 2
Maribelle - 14
Lucina - 20
Laurent - 25


Morgan - 5
Cynthia - 14
Ricken - 23
Chrom - 27


Donnel - 4
Anna - 11
Stahl - 16
Kellam - 24


Libra - 1
Cordelia -7
Owain - 15
Yen'fay - 23


Inigo - 7
Basilio - 13
Olivia - 20
Frederick - 26


Gerome - 1
Walhart - 14
Nowi - 21
Kjelle - 29


Noire - 7
Lon'qu - 10
Cherche - 17
Flavia - 28


Aversa - 3
Henry - 13
Panne - 18
Sumia - 24


Sully - 5
Virion - 10
Emmeryn - 23
Vaike - 26

Having a birthday bash with Cordelia, Owain, and Yen'fay, woo!
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User Info: TehTrumpCard

3 years ago#2
Having a birthday with my wife (Nowi) and my good friend Walhart (I third friend is either Batman or Kjelle since my birthday is the 15th. I pick Kjelle though since she needs to loosen up >.> and take that armor off so I can drool over her abs.)

I already knew this of course.
I love Nowi!!!
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User Info: Arachnius435

3 years ago#3
Laurent, Lucina, and Maribelle.

It will be fun.

User Info: RDS1

3 years ago#4
Ain't no party like a Walhart, Nowi, and Kjelle party~
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User Info: Bakyura

3 years ago#5
Iunno why I had to think of it before entering, it's not like my birthday is magically gonna change dates is it? D:
Unfortunately: Lon'qu, Cherche, and Flavia.

I'm wishing I had my mother's birthday. :<

User Info: BedsheetGhost

3 years ago#6
Morgan, Cynthia and Ricken.

Can I switch Ricken with Chrom? He's next in line.
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User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

3 years ago#7
Looks like Sully, Virion, and Emmeryn.

Virion's presence could make this an awkward birthday...
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User Info: peter_888

3 years ago#8
having a birthday with Libra, Cordelia, and Owain.
Just having Owain there will make it the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER
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User Info: HeoandReo

3 years ago#9
Maribelle, Lucina and Tharja. (April 11)

According to you guys, did I win?

User Info: 123pizza2

3 years ago#10
I'd LOVE to party with Cordelia, and Owain would be a blast... Yen'Fay on the other hand...
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