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Im obviously not doing this, but heres a light calculation

Str +2
Mag -2
Skl +5
Spd +1
Lck +1
Def +2
Res +1


STR: +2
MAG: -1
SKL: +2
SPD: -2
LCK: +0
DEF: +2
RES: +0

Kjelle has 1 less Mag, +3 spd, +3 skl, +1 LCK, and +1 RES over Freddy

Kjelle has Knight, Pallies, Myrmiddon, Bride, and Wyvern
Fred has Knight, Pallies, Dread Fighter, and Wyvern

So, lets do an overview here

1. Frederick can use the best weapon in the game
2. Kjelle has acess to Assassin
3. Both obviously lacked Galeforce
4. Frederick has Agressor, Kjelle has Swordfaire
5. Kjelle has vantage for some slight main unit advantage

Yeah, I think this is the closest you can get for a Gen 2 that is outright worse than their gen 1 counterpart
Real Metal bounces their breast. Deal with it

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