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3 years ago#1
I know Olivia is the widely preferred pairing, but I've heard that Sumia makes both children exceptionally tanky with Aether, Rightful King, and Pavgis. It would also free up Henry's seed for Lissa. But is if worth it? Also, what do I do with Olivia?
3 years ago#2
Both pairings are really good and both have their strategic uses. In general, I view Chrom/Olivia as more for Cynthia's benefit and Chrom/Sumia as more for Lucina's benefit, since the former frees up Cynthia for another father and the latter gives Lucina a fantastic skillset. It really depends more on what you want to do with them, though.
3 years ago#3
Chrom sucks marry him to Maribelle for great support bot children then give Henry to Sumia and Libra to Olivia.
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3 years ago#4
Anime is saved -
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3 years ago#5
Sumia!Lucina vs Olivia!Lucina in TSON

Paladin Lucina - Sumia
GL Lucina - Olivia

42 Str for both and are the slowest/strongest class they can use to outrun Anna w/o a Swordmaster pair up or AS+2 reclassing for more power to a slower class and they'd have to sacrifice a skill slot to be able to beat TSON's Anna.

Comparison Sumia!Lucina Paladin has -1Skl, +1Def, +4Res, +2Mov

And Sumia!Lucina does better Magically and Tank better as well.

Cynthia then becomes a Lucina clone w/o Rightful King.

Sumia!Lucina is the best user of Rightful King.

Chrom!Inigo isn't really too great as Inigo really gets nothing from Chrom and RK is a waste of a slot for him.

You can then give Henry to Marribelle.
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3 years ago#6
I've heard Virion x Olivia makes a good Inigo, but I haven't tested that myself yet.
3 years ago#7
TheUltimator25 posted...
I've heard Virion x Olivia makes a good Inigo, but I haven't tested that myself yet.

He does, actually. Access to almost all the breakers and almost all the faires make him very flexible in a variety of roles. Those caps are also really solid as well. Though I'd argue it's more of a testament to how easy Inigo is to make good than it is to Virion's superiority as a father.
3 years ago#8
Libra! I completely forgot that that guy exists. Although blond Inigo will take some getting used to. I'm accustomed to Chrom Jr.
3 years ago#9
Best Inigos are Fred/Virion/Libra!Inigo.

Fred!Inigo is a Donnel!Kjelle clone with more Str, Skl, Def but less Spd. And you take away Kjelle's gender exclusives for Barbarian.

Virion!Inigo gets most Breakers and most Faires(all but you want to pass Galeforce not Lancefaire) and good mods.

Libra!Inigo is the best Sorcerer Inigo.
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3 years ago#10
Chrom!Inigo is actually pretty good, but not for Rightful King. It's for Cavalier access, giving him Luna and Aegis, with enough SPD that he's flexible even in the best DLC (something Frederick, Stahl, and Kellam have varying degrees of success with themselves).

If you go with Virion he's still fast, but he's stuck with Sol or Astra.

Chrom's totally a legit father for him, and makes an interesting offensive/physical support Lucina. Overall, I'd say that probably Sumia x Chrom is better, because Inigo can be good many other ways and tying up Sumia's limited issues gives everyone else more flexibility. But Henry!Cynthia > Chrom!Cynthia by margins... but probably Henry!Brady & Chrom!Cynthia > Henry!Cynthia and Whoever!Brady.

It's a tough call. If you really want a godly Lucina though, you may as well make a female Avatar and marry Chrom yourself. RK Morgan is basically Chrom!Inigo without any downsides (not that Inigo actually has that many himself), and you still get a good Inigo.
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