How do you play with your weapons?

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User Info: fawful_X

3 years ago#11
I usually name them random things, with some pattern.

Hammers usually are called Crushers.
The past weapons reference the game the user came from (Sealed Sword for Roy's Blade, for example).
Dark Tomes reference Eldritch Lore.
Aversa's Night is always called Insanity.
Rexcalibur is called Fimbulvetr.
Bolgannoe or whatever it is tends to be Dastard Book.

Equipping the weapons...

Spotpass/DLC units usually get their weapon, if they have one.
Legendary Weapons will be given to the respective units from the Jugdral games.
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User Info: Haruhiryu

3 years ago#12
This is probably a boring answer...but I don't change the names... my first play through (not far enough in second yet to want to forge)...I max out the Mt, and add Hit and Crit as needed...then, I give the weapon to a character with low experience with the weapon type...( a boosted Fire to Frederick as a Dread Fighter, giving a boosted glass bow to Cherche as a Bride, etc)
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  3. How do you play with your weapons?

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