CYOA: Awakening!

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azn_boy150 posted...
Rideps1 posted...
I think I liked the one he ignored better, but I still wanted him to finish this. Poor bear claw.....

Wait why chant he made an alt? They haven't started IP banning, have they?

I don't know. You'd think that id he could or wanted to, he would've done it by now. :/

from what I've heard, you cant make another account with the same IP as one that is banned or warned

instead, you would of had to plan ahead and make like 4 or 5 before any of them got banned

I hardly knew bearclaw, but he doesn't seem like the kind of person to think ahead
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uh oh... um, guys, I may have a slight chance of being banned...

considering the Im_Naga was an alt i made, and got banned...

If i do, I'll atleast have the Im_Crom account, unless that one gets banned as well
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