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3 years ago#41
"A" is our winner this time.

You: *Smiles at Sophia in a very caring way* Sure thing Sophia I would love to spend some time with you, after all we still have a lot of time in our hands before the day ends right ?

Sophia:*Starts to smile the same way as you.* Great ! Shall we get going my love ?

After Sophia's response, You would simply nod your head and take Sophia's hand lightly before the two of you would leave the room and the random building that you were in for the past three hours. Once you were now outside with Sophia, you would notice that you were now in town with a very lively townsfolk. At a very far distance from where you stand, you notice the Arena. You had assumed that you and the rest of the group had not gotten too far. You also assumed that the random building you just came in was also the Inn for where everyone is staying for the night. After Observing the area for a moment, You would turn your attention towards Sophia and ask what she would like to do. It wouldn't take long to give off a response.

Sophia:*Smiles at you even more* Well (insert your name here), why not we explore the town. Maybe there is a lot of fun things that we could do together.

You:*Smiles back at Sophia* Sounds good to me. Lets get going shall we love ?

Right after your response, Sophia would agree with you and the two of you would start exploring the town together. While exploring the town, the two of you would also find a lot of fun things to do like entering a singing competition for couples only or exploring some shops that might of had useful items but in reality there just wasn't anything good that the merchants had to offer. There was also a magic competition as well but it was rather a joke since you had destroyed the competition with ease. Hours had passed since then and it was now starting to get dark and rather late. The two of you also did not remember where you had stayed earlier on today since it was just a brief memory. You end up giving the response seconds later.

You:*frowns for a moment* Sophia, it looks like we are not going to be able to regroup with the others for the night. Lets go find another Inn to stay for the night.

Sophia: *Appears to be frowning as well* Alright...

Right after Sophia had given her response, the two of you would start searching until suddenly Sophia would find the closest one in a short distance. You would praise her for spotting one and as a result, Sophia would end up smiling more. Seconds later, You would finally head inside and confront the innkeeper that you will be buying a room for two for the night. Of course the Innkeeper would nod his head and hand you the keys to the room that was located on the second floor. After paying, You and Sophia would head up the stairs and directly towards the room for the night. Once inside, you decide to speak up to her since there was nothing else to do.

You: Sophia ?

Sophia: Yes (insert your name here)?

You: You ever had the feeling we spent a little bit of our honeymoon today ?

Sophia: Yes I also had that feeling as well. Is there something in mind ?

You:*Blushes and also appears to be curious* Yes..would you like to spend a little bit more of it ?

Sophia:*Blushes extremely red* O-Of course ! I would love to !

After the response, You would get close to Sophia who was already near the bed and start undressing each other before falling on the bed to make out with each other. Two hours later, Sophia would be resting her body on top of yours in but she appears to be looking at you with a question in mind.

Sophia: You know I was wondering....if we do get children in the future, What should we name them love ? Any ideas ?

(Choices are in the next post sorry !)
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#42
What should you say to Sophia to answer her question ?

A. Go with the default names of Isaac and Sarah like in the dream you had.

B. Come up with a name yourself. (You guys come up with the names instead. If I like the names, I will use them instead of the default names that was given way earlier in the story !)
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#43
B, Greg and Vanessa.
3 years ago#44
B. Ryu for the boy. Claire for the girl. I hope these names will top Isaac and Sarah...
3 years ago#45
B. Walter (sounds like water) and Terra (earth)

I like theme naming =P
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3 years ago#46
Bumping the thread. So far I am taking a huge liking out of these names you guys suggested ! I am going have a tough call in choosing when this is all set and done with.
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#47
Aiden or ignatius: involves fire

Terra or Brooke: earth and water
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3 years ago#48
Osranger posted...
Aiden or ignatius: involves fire

Terra or Brooke: earth and water

How about Blaise (old English for Blaze) and Sera (short form of Seraphina, a Latin word that can bot mean 'burning one' or 'serpent') if you want to go for the fiery names?
If life is suffering, then does death bring peace?
Official groom of Tiki - Fire Emblem Awakening =3
3 years ago#49
A, i kind of like the names you chose
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3 years ago#50
Bumping the thread since I am about ready to post the next part of the story with the names I had chosen. Also this is the last call for anyone who wants to vote.
I liked this Story....
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