Paralogue 22....

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3 years ago#1
Go die in a fire please? Thank you
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3 years ago#2
I am a shadow...the true self...

No you are not meeeee!

Hint: put some weak characters in there and make them stay away.
3 years ago#3
Nah I finally beat it. Galeforce, Celecia's Gale, and Brave Abuse with some tanking on the side finally paid off.... and having a lvl 7 Virion Archer as well >.>
SSBB FC = 1805-2426-2827
PSN: Bio Liquid0
3 years ago#4
I sent in my MU-tastic Streetpass team in that Paralogue, just to see what it was like fighting them. I feel really bad for anyone who Streetpasses me, because it was brutal.
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