Remember when Frederick was Horrid tier as a father?

#11DemiseEndPosted 5/8/2013 6:15:52 PM
Gregor is actually Top Tier from Day 1

Can;t disagree on how much Vaike shifted though
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I remember telling people that neither of those mattered since they could be worked around one way or the other.

I guess I was right not caring about Frederick's pros and cons.
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CrunchSlamchest posted...
Also worth noting: There was a time that people encouraged promoting every unit at level 10 "because infinite level ups"

people still do, because it still applies.
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NekoEspirito posted...
Pepperidge farm remembers...
Nah, seriously, I recall. Lon'Qu used to be omg boss, Ricken was laughed at as a father, now he's way up there. Vaike and Gregor pairings got mad tweaked.

My joke.
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#15Devil_Killer_JCPosted 5/8/2013 6:21:29 PM
DemiseEnd posted...
Gregor is actually Top Tier from Day 1

Yeah, that was never contested, nor will it ever be. Well, unless Inigo comes into the equation, then FORGET ABOUT IT. lol

Seriously though, that's the only bad pairing for Gregor, Gregor x Olivia. Everything else has some use.
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